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Cleaning - Essential Oil Recipes

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Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Spray your way to a naturally clean toilet.

Three Trees Kitchen Counter Spray

Clean your kitchen counters with the purifying power of con...

May Chang & Hemlock Surface Spray

A powerful natural cleaning blend that can purify the surfa...

Lemon Thyme Carpet Spray

Freshen your carpets between vacuuming sessions.

Lavend-rosa Dryer Balls

Replace commercial dryer sheets with natural wool balls for...

Basil & Thyme Counter Spray

Create a healthy and clean environment.

Clean the Floors Solution

Ditch the chemicals for this all natural floor cleaner that...

Kitchen & Bathroom Spray

Spray on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Scrub

Keep that toilet sparkling clean with this all-natural scrub.

Window Cleaning Spray

A great pick-me-up for those dreading to clean dirty windows!

Minty Fresh Surface Spray

This surface spray is a great alternative to store bought s...

Toilet Room Freshener Spray

Purify your environment, and reduce unwanted microbes.


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