Essential Oil

Vetiver Oil

Vetiveria zizanoides

Earthy, smoky, woodsy, and sweet, vetiver essential oil has a rich aroma that can call to mind being in the forest at night. It’s famous for its grounding, relaxing effects, and is popular in natural perfumes for both the mysterious beauty of its scent, and its fixative properties. Vetiver’s tranquil presence also makes it wonderful for skincare, especially to quiet redness. Our organically crafted vetiver essential oil is steam distilled (in a patient, time-consuming process) from the roots of grassy plants in the rainforests of India.

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Benefits and uses

The thin, long, dense root system of the Vetiveria zizanoides plant creates an earthy, deep, woodsy, slightly sweet essential oil. In addition to being a beautiful, balancing support, vetiver essential oil is also helpful in reducing inflammation and unwanted fungal activity. It is cooling and nourishing to the skin and a perfect choice to add to DIY cleaning products. Vetiver essential oil is often used as a base note in perfume blends as it provides depth and balance to the overall aromatic profile.

Emotionally and energetically, vetiver essential oil grounds and protects. This essential oil can help reconnect with the earth and the natural, positive energy all around us. Vetiver essential oil offers gentle sedation and is restorative when one is needing a little additional emotional support.

Plant Part
  • Roots/Rhizomes
Organically Grown
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • Base
Chemical Families
  • Ketones
  • Sesquiterpenes
  • Sesquiterpenols
  • Earthy
  • Rich
  • Smokey
  • Sweet
  • Woodsy
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Essential Living

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  • Davis P. Aromatherapy an A-Z. New revised edition C.W. Daniel Company Limited, England, 1999
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Shelf Life

8 years

Safety & Warnings

Non-toxic, non-irritating. Tisserand suggests maximum topical use of 15% due to the isoeugenol content.

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