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vetiver essential oil


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Vetiver Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

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Vetiver & Lime Bath Salt

This soothing, grounding bath salt blend is relaxing and up...

Balancing Oil

Balance and uplift the senses with this sublime lotion blend.

Belly Massage Oil

Support a healthy digestive system with this beautiful bell...

Evening Bath Salt

This floral bath blend is sure to please after a long day w...

Calm The Nerves Lotion

This beautiful lotion blend is perfect for when you need to...

Mind Ease Inhaler

This beautiful inhaler blend helps quiet and still a busy o...

Summer Solstice Stonehedge Roll-on

With beautiful middle and base notes, this blend is coveted...

Skeeter Beater Bug Spray

Keep insects away with this effective, all-natural insect s...

Earthy Moringa Itchy Foot Oil

Fight unpleasant skin issues with this earthy, powerhouse b...

Lemon Verbena Forest Diffuser Blend

Bring the forest inside with fresh and grounding aromas.

Blissful Jasmine Foot Soak

A sensual and soul-nourishing salt foot bath blend.

Rose Petal Cooling Spray

Spray away night sweats and wake up refreshed!


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