Essential Oil

Geranium Oil

Pelargonium graveolens var roseum

Geranium essential oil has an herbal, rosy, lemony aroma that can comfort the heart through occasional or ongoing stress. This oil has a talent for dissolving stagnation and blocked energy (on emotional and physical levels). Use geranium in a soothing balm for areas that feel puffy and red, or make a moisturizing oil to encourage the body’s natural cleansing process. Our certified organic geranium essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of plants cultivated in vibrant green fields dotting the rural landscape of South Africa.

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Benefits and uses

The tender, green leaves of the flowering Pelargonium graveolens var roseum plant create a fresh, herbaceous, lemony, rosy, and sweet essential oil. Along with helping to improve circulation, geranium essential oil is also useful for managing minor pain and inflammation as well as for helping ease unwanted muscle spasms. This essential oil is deeply skin nourishing and can help minimize the presence of unwanted fungal activity. Try adding one drop to a small handful of shampoo to help balance the production of sebum for both dry and oily scalps.

Emotionally and energetically, geranium essential oil is uplifting and stabilizing. This is a lovely essential oil to use when looking to help manage situational anxiety and depression. Geranium essential oil expands the imagination and provides greater intuition. It may also increase the capacity for initiating intimate, delicate communication and support one’s ability to both verbally receive and kindly give, as circumstances require.



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Plant Part
  • Leaves
Certified Organic
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • Middle
Chemical Families
  • Esters
  • Monoterpenols
  • Fresh
  • Herbaceous
  • Lemony
  • Minty
  • Rosy
  • Sweet

Mojay G. Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Henry Holt and Company Inc., England, 1996

Shelf Life

5 years

Safety & Warnings

Non-toxic, non-irritating.

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