Pink Himalayan Salt

Our pink Himalayan salt is hand-mined from the Himalayan Mountains of northern Pakistan. It is a beautiful pink color mixed with deep reds and white. Pink Himalayan salt offers the highest mineral content of any natural salt, containing 84 trace minerals, including iron. It is perfect for bath salts and all kinds of scrubs. Since our salt is food-grade, it is great for sprinkling on food, too. In fact, it is the only salt we use in our kitchen!

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Benefits and uses

Pink Himalayan salt is incredibly pure. Prized for its health and nutritional benefits it is detoxifying, purifying, and does wonders to soften and smooth your skin. We recommend combining both fine and small grains to make an even better salt scrub. Check out our recipe section for some great ideas!

We offer two different packaging sizes. Here’s a quick guide to help give you an idea of which size you might need: The 8 oz size makes about four 2 oz bath salts/scrubs.The 24 oz size makes about twelve 2 oz bath salts/scrubs. 

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