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Our small-grained pink Himalayan salt is hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains of northern Pakistan. Its beautiful pink color, accented with deep reds and whites, adds a beautiful warm glow to salt scrubs, face exfoliators, bath salts, and more. This food grade Pink Himalayan salt offers the highest mineral content of all natural salts, containing 84 trace minerals (including iron). We also offer it in fine grain.
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Complexion - Skincare

Gently exfoliate your skin with a pink Himalayan salt scrub made with jojoba!

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Recommend patch test for sensitivity.

8oz / Small Grain
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8oz / Fine Grain
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24oz / Fine Grain
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Martha K.
United States

Pink Himalayan Salt

I love the texture of this salt. Love how it blends well with Jojoba oil. I created a beautiful with the Pink Himalayan Salt blend for one of my clients and she was hooked. I shared with my client a comparison between Epson Salt vs Himalayan salt and this is what I shared with her. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIMALAYAN SALT AND EPSOM SALT? There are many differences between these salts. Epsom salt is not actually salt, it is a mineral found in water containing high levels of magnesium and sulfate. The mineral has a crystalline structure similar to that of table salt (which is the reasoning behind it being called salt), but it is actually a pure mineral compound. It has no sodium chloride (which is salt) and is technically known as magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt is magnesium that is bonded to sulfur and oxygen. It was first distilled in the town of Epsom in Surrey, England in the 1800’s and was named for the town. It has been said to have many beneficial uses from easing achy muscles and other ailments to fertilizing your garden. Himalayan salt has magnesium and sulfate plus 82 other minerals and trace elements, including sodium and chloride and is truly salt. There are certain properties that come with being salt, such as, being anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Crystals are hand-harvested from mineral deposits on salt cave floors that have been dated by geologists to the Precambrian Age. Himalayan salt is mined from the underground salt mines in the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains and is the purest salt available on earth. Himalayan salt produces negative ions that help purify the air of allergens, bacteria, dust, and other pollutants. When warmed the crystal salt emits a negative charge that enriches our environment and as the negatively charged ions enter our bodies they attach to the toxins and neutralize their charge, thus detoxifying our systems. Himalayan salt is known to reduce inflammation within our bodies, which, makes it of great benefit to those suffering from arthritis and other ailments of inflammation. Pink Himalayan Salt is the WINNER!!

Ruth W.
United States United States

Nice fine grade salt

I have been using this fine grade salt as a facial scrub. I mixed it with some Meadowfoam and Baobab along with some essential oils. Always important to write down that recipe. Now I will have to recreate it from memory.

charlene n.
United States United States

Cedarwood juniperus virginiana

I love cedarwood e/o and diffuse for aromatherapy benefits , there are many medicinal applications as well. AROMA...cedar chest .

Kimberly J.
United States United States

This salt is so pretty in pink!

This salt is so beautiful. I love using it in my foot bath blends.

Monica H.
United States United States

Great Start for Bath Scrubs nd Bath Salts

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts are the best. I tend to blend the grainy with the fine with folks I know. I start with the fine with new clients. Folks love it. The packaging is perfect and easy to transfer to labeled jars. You won't be disappointed.

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