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PET jars - Small

Clear PET Jar w/Black Lid w/Liner

Recommended Use: Cream Blends & Many Others. These are perfect travel-sized jars. They fit easily in a backpack, handbag, even your back pocket. Use your imagination! This convenient size can be used for many purposes.

Note: PET is an inert plastic and does not leach harmful materials into its contents. PET has been safely used for 20 years and has undergone rigorous testing under FDA guidelines to ensure its safety as a food and beverage container suitable for storage and reuse. We selected PET packaging because it is safe, recyclable, and convenient. 

*Comes as a 4 pack

$4.50 $5.00 Option Not Available
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  • 1/2 oz. Jar: Material PET, Neck Finish 33-400, Diameter 1.371 in/3.482 cm, Height 1.328 in/3.373 cm
  • 1/2 oz. Lid: Color Black, Size 33-400, Material PP, Liner Type F217, Diameter 1.38 in/3.505 cm, Height 0.46 in/1.168 cm
  • 2 oz. Jar: Material PET, Neck Finish 58-400, Diameter 2.34 in/5.944 cm, Height 1.27 in/3.226 cm
  • 2 oz. Lid: Color Black, Size 58-400, Material PP, Liner Type F217, Diameter 2.2 in/5.588 cm, Height 0.47 in/1.194 cm
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