Revive & Reuse

Expired Oils = All Natural Cleaners

Unlock the Hidden Power of Expired Essential Oils!

It's time to change the way you think about expired essential oils. We believe in the untapped potential of these seemingly expired oils and want to show you how to give them a new lease on life. Don't let your expired oils go to waste – repurpose them and unlock their hidden power!

How it Started

At Aromatics International transparency is one of our guiding principals. It's why we publish all of our 3rd party GC/MS test results, share batch-specific information, and provide as much valuable guidance about our precious oils as possible.

It's one of the primary reasons we're compelled to share our approach to working with expired oils.

For us, there's nothing worse than throwing away these all-natural gifts. So it got us can we maximize every drop?

The solution:

Revise & Reuse. Before we toss out any expired products, we inspect them for quality, and do our best to incorporate them into non-topical, non-therapeutic blends.

The result:

Less waste, effective cleaning, and cost savings.

Read on to see how you can benefit from this approach.

Fragrant Blessings,

Karen Williams

RN, Co-founder, President, Aromatherapy & Sourcing

Cost Savings

Experience double benefits with expired oils: Save up to 70% when you purchase already expired oils, while maximizing value from your current collection.

Environmental Consciousness

Make an eco-conscious choice with expired oils! Repurpose them to reduce waste & minimize environmental impact by extending their lifespan instead of discarding.

Creative Opportunities

Unleash creativity with expired oils! Use these oils to create all-natural cleaning products and enjoy them with passive diffusion in reed diffusers or as potpourri refreshers.

The Power of Repurposing

Did you know that expired essential oils are still valuable? When oils reach their expiration date for topical use, their cleansing potential remains intact. We're here to introduce you to a world of possibilities where you can transform these oils into powerful cleaning products to get the most out of every drop.

Cleaning with Expired Oils

Discover the secret to effective and eco-friendly cleaning by harnessing the natural power of expired essential oils. Our carefully curated DIY recipes will guide you in creating all-natural cleaning solutions that not only clean your home but also leave behind a refreshing scent. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a greener, cleaner lifestyle!

DIY Cleaning Recipe Inspiration

Don't let expired oils go to waste! Transform your cleaning routine by substituting recommended oils in DIY cleaning recipes with your expired collection. Enjoy a customized and eco-friendly approach to keeping your home fresh and sparkling.

Sweet Bandits Surface Spray

Purify your household surfaces with blend of essential oils in a base of sweet grass hydrosol.

Citrus Cleaning Spray

Leave your surfaces sparkly clean with this bright and cheery blend featuring lime oil & other citruses.

Healthy Thyme Room Spray

Purify your space with this minty, spicy room and linen spray featuring thyme ct thymol oil.

Sustainability at its Core

Sustainability is another guiding principle at Aromatics. Through the repurposing of expired essential oils, we actively reduce waste and promote a more mindful approach to resource utilization. Join us in our commitment to the environment and experience the rejuvenating effects of these repurposed oils.

What to Expect from Expired Oils

• Could be oxidized

• Not to be used in a therapeutic way

• Great for cleaning and passive diffusion blends

• Avoid direct contact with the skin (Pro tip: use gloves when cleaning with expired oils)

• May not be as vibrant (aroma is typically more flat than non-expired oils)


For our expired carrier oils, our team has conducted quality control checks prior to sending you your product. At the time of order, this product was verified as being in good condition. These oils are not rancid, and are still available for use, despite passing their expiration date. The stability of the oils may have decreased, which could lead to a quicker degradation once the oil is exposed to air, light, or heat. Please use these oils at your discretion.

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