Summer Jasmine Blend

Summer brilliance with Jasmine finesse
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Playful and sensual, Summer Jasmine combines the intoxicating grace of jasmine, with lively notes of citrus and grounding patchouli. This go-anywhere roll-on blend guides your mind to focus on the beauty of the present moment. Roll on Summer Jasmine to release heavy burdens (especially cycles of stress and overthinking), and lift your spirit into a brighter place—filled with peace, encouragement, and open-hearted joy!
Benefits & Uses

Energy - Focus

Roll on Summer Jasmine and join friends for a light-hearted evening of fun and genuine connection.

Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life

3 years

Safety & Warnings

When used as directed, there are no safety concerns with this essential oil blend. We always recommend doing a patch test for sensitivity.

Aromatic Essentials

Formulated with Intention

Blended with passion and intention, these aromatherapy blends represent over 20 years of artfully using oils from all around the world to holistically heal, protect, and soothe.

We invite you to go on this healing experience with us by incorporating our blends into your own health and wellness practice.

Free of harmful chemicals, these aromatically vibrant blends harness the power of plant medicine and work to promote wellness, safely and effectively.

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Aromatics International would not be what it is today without your shared belief in what we do, what we stand for, and how we conduct our aromatherapy practice.

I embarked on my journey to source pesticide-free, sustainable products from small-scale farmers and a major criteria of mine is that everything I source is both aromatically vibrant and also therapeatically effective. I love sharing what I find in this world with others. I am constantly blown away by the positive response I receive from all of you. I thank all of you for your strong support throughout the years and am continually inspired by the warm words you share with me. It truly keeps me going.