Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety affects us all at one point or another, and in our increasingly chaotic world, anxiety levels are rising, leaving us more stressed out than ever before. Luckily we have all-natural tools at our disposal to help reduce anxiety and stress...our beautiful essential oils!

During Tea Time Season 9 Karen and Jenny will help you zero in on oils that can help provide support for a variety of anxiety inducing situations, while blending all-natural recipes you can rely on to help you re-center and reduce anxiety.

Tea Time Season 9 Event Replays

Event 1:
How to Reduce Anxiety at Family Gatherings with Essential Oils

Let’s face it, family gatherings can be stressful. But don’t worry…Karen & Jenny will teach you how to formulate an essential oil stock blend known to help reduce anxiety and get you ready for family time.

Event 2:
Reduce Travel Anxiety Naturally with an Essential Oil Inhaler

This Travel Anxiety Inhaler blend is designed to offer support during those anxiety-inducing moments, plus it's small and descreet so you can keep it with you and enjoy your trip…wherever it may take you!

Event 3:
How to Use Essential Oils to Prepare for Difficult Conversations

This Difficult Conversations Inhaler blend helps you calm down, deepens your breath and opens your heart, so difficult conversations can happen with gentleness and ease, whether at work, home, or anywhere!

Event 4:
Overcome Financial Anxiety
with Essential Oils

Anxiety caused by finances is very common, and most of us have been through it at one point or another. The combination of essential oils in this Financial Worries Lotion Blend can help calm troublesome thoughts around financial concerns.

Event 5:
Add Balance to Your Work & Life
with Essential Oils

This Work & Family Life Balance stock blend can help bring that scattered energy down to earth with a few intentional breaths, whether placed in an inhaler, made into a room spray, or diffused into your space.

Event 6:
How EOs Can Help You Stop Stressing About
Politics & World Events

This blend can help provide a sense of unity when the world’s feeling uncertain & divided. The oils in this blend work to reduce anxiety, & calm situations of unrest, so you’ll be able to stay stress-free during challenging times.

Essential oils for Anxiety

Tea Time Season 9 Kit

This kit is your one stop shop for essential oils for anxiety. Containing 8 essential oils (5ml bottles), 3 blending accessories, and unscented lotion, the purchase of this kit unlocks the 6 anti-anxiety recipes formulated for tea time season 9, intended to help you reduce anxiety naturally with essential oils. Plus, save 20% when you buy the kit, versus purchasing all of the ingredients separately.

"Must Have For Tea Time

I’m so glad I ordered this kit. Tea Time is so much better when I blend along with Karen and Jenny. This kit has everything I need... it’s so much easier than going through and ordering what I need individually and the price is cheaper. Gotta’ love the discount. I love that it has free shipping as well. Thank you Aromatics for making my learning experience at Tea Time more enjoyable.


Meet Your Tea Time Instructors

Karen Williams, Co-Founder, RN., CA.

I worked as a registered nurse for more than 35-years and wanted to enrich my career by pursuing my passion for plant-based medicine and natural wellness. After decades of continued study, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the aromatherapy community.

As our Chief Executive, lead aromatherapist and product-sourcer, I am deeply proud to have the opportunity to work with small distillers around the world to offer high-quality, sustainable, organic, and wildcrafted products and share their benefits with our ever-growing community.

Jennifer Williams, Certified Aromatherapist, M.Ed.

I've always had a passion for learning and teaching and spent many years as a high school English teacher, helping people learn new skills, and developing a classroom culture built on trust and collaboration. On a trip to a distillery in Provence, France, I decided to devote myself to aromatherapy after watching distillers transform pink roses into stunning essential oil and hydrosol; and being moved by their passion.

I earned my aromatherapy certification at the Aromahead Institute and joined the team at Aromatics International as a co-owner, content creator, and educator. I also serve as an Instructor at the Aromahead Institute.

The Aromahead Institute

Aromahead offers comprehensive, evidence-based online courses and certification programs to help students build the confidence and expertise needed to pursue their passions and establish thriving aromatherapy careers.

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Tea time is a free community-based aromatherapy live event series hosted by Karen & Jenny Williams that combines the educational expertise of the Aromahead Institute with the 100% pure products offered by Aromatics International.

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Rooted in Education

We understand that the world of essential oils and natural wellness can feel overwhelming, especially to a beginner. In addition to providing the highest quality products, we're here to help you learn to use them safely, with comfort and confidence. Our connection to the Aromahead institute means that we have access to a wealth of resources that are based on the latest research and science.

If you want to learn more I've created a really fun FREE course on How to Blend Essential Oils. I hope you enjoy.

- Karen