Ethical and sustainable growing practices

Look for wildcrafted, organically grown, or certified organic essential oils.
Ethical and sustainable growing practices

Ethical and sustainable growing practices

Essential oil-bearing plants that are grown as naturally as possible help limit environmental impacts. At Aromatics International, we only offer essential oils created from plants that were wildcrafted, certified organic, or organically grown. This eliminates harmful pesticides and chemicals from our oils, which benefits the earth and your health. All three categories are sustainable and natural, allowing us to access plants wherever they grow best around the world.


Wildcrafted oils are made from plants found in nature, without farming or intentional cultivation. While this is the most natural source of essential oils, care must be taken to avoid overharvesting so that natural habitats are preserved and future harvests are possible.

Organically grown

When plants are grown using traditional practices, without the help of chemical pesticides, they are considered organically grown. So long as the growers follow organic practices, the oils they produce are equally high-quality, safe, and 100% pure.

Certified organic

Certified organic is a term applied to growers who have gone through a formal certification process. While this is ideal, it’s not always possible or practical for growers. Many countries lack access to a formal certification process, and in some cases, certification is cost-prohibitive.

Three sustainable growing methods

If you aren’t sure how the plant material that went into your essential oils was grown, don’t be afraid to ask. If there isn’t an easy way to tell if the oils you plan to purchase are organic, certified organic, or wildcrafted, you may be better off finding a source that can provide you with this critical information.

Ethical and sustainable growing practices

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