Our Cedarwood Atlas Oil (Cedrus atlantica), grown in the forests of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is a gentle giant. It has a lovely scent, very much reminiscent of a cedarwood chest, filling the air with floral and citrus top notes. This essential oil offers support on many different levels, and has many applications in both natural perfumery and for therapeutic uses.

5 Uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil

We've put together for you a small list of suggestions as to how you could use this particular cedarwood essential oil. We hope you love it as much as we do!


1. Chronic Stress

This cedarwood essential oil can be incredibly powerful for reducing the symptoms of stress. Because it acts as a sedative, cedarwood can relieve tension and calm an unsettled mind. Check out this stress relieving massage oil recipe featuring cedarwood! Cedarwood is known to help with those suffering from mild depression, and we are grateful to be working with a product that can help out during these tougher times.


2. Mental and Emotional Support

Cedarwood's chemical makeup is very high in sesquiterpenols. The therapeutic properties of sesquiterpenols are varied, as the individual components have unique effects, but many oils high in sesquiterpenols are considered to be grounding and emotionally healing, which is very true of cedarwood.


3. Perfumery

The deep, rich scent of cedarwood makes it an incredible addition to your perfumery collection. Although its aroma is powerful on its own, you might try blending cedarwood with patchouli or sandalwood essential oils to create an even more varied and magnificent synergy. We often use it in DIY deodorant blends, which works so well! Click here for a recipe.


4. Congestion and Coughing

Another wonderful use for cedarwood is for the opening and clearing of airways. It blends beautifully into a chest cream when looking to relieve possible symptoms of congestion and coughing. Its stimulating effects on the respiratory system make this oil a go-to when infection is present.


5. Acne

Cedarwood's astringent, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties make it a wonderful oil to use in skin care blends, especially for those suffering from acne. You can easily add cedarwood to your daily routine either by placing a drop or two into a lotion, a liquid cleanser or whatever you might be using on your face. The results are amazing! Would you like to know more about this oil? Click here to get all the details!

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August 10, 2020 — Karen Williams