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7 Aromatherapy gifts our staff has bought for $25 or less

Find the perfect, affordable aromatherapy gifts for everyone on your list!

‘Tis the season for giving aromatherapy gifts!

We’ll be the first to admit that finding the perfect aromatherapy gift can be a challenge. You have a lot of options to choose from.

That’s why we put together this list of affordable gifts! Our experienced team members each shared a gift they’ve bought for under $25, which got great reactions from the receivers. Check out their recommendations and find a sure win for the aromatherapy lovers on your list!

arome inhaller1. Arome Inhaler

Give a convenient way to breathe in essential oils anytime, anywhere! These beautiful reusable inhalers fit right in a pocket, purse, or desk. (And they’re easier on the environment than disposable inhalers.)

“Personal inhalers offer so much support and they’re ideal for travel because they provide a personal aromatherapy experience. The Arome inhalers are high-quality metal and glass, and they’re reusable. They make amazing gifts!”

-Devin Williams
Creative Director/Promotions Manager

lil sniffles blend2. Lil Sniffles Blend

A soft, sweet, minty aroma with hints of wood makes Lil Sniffles popular with kids during cold season. It helps them breathe clearly so they can get back to having fun!

“I love supporting a healthy environment during the holidays and Lil’ Sniffles helps achieve this and smells incredible! Everyone I’ve given this blend to has come back later asking for more!”

-Jenny Williams
Lead Educator and Content Creator

Siberian fir oil3. Siberian Fir Oil (Abies sibirica)

This brisk, warm, evergreen oil makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Your friend can use it to support immune health, reduce germs, or just to make their home smell like a conifer forest.

“Siberian fir oil is perfect for when you want the smell of Christmas trees in your home, while helping boost your immune system.”

-Amelia Zenk
Customer Service Specialist

Chai Co-distill Hydrosol4. Chai Co-distill Hydrosol

A few sprays of this warm, exotic hydrosol makes the entire room smell festive! It has an irresistible combination of spicy scents, including ginger, cinnamon, and clove bud.

“Chai co-distill hydrosol is so warm and comforting—and not to mention delicious smelling! Great to spray around the house during the holidays.”

-Annie Williams
Customer Service Specialist

breathe clear blend5. Breathe Clear Blend

Give your friend a secret weapon to face cold season with confidence! Breathe Clear has a fresh, crisp aroma that can bring comfort to your nose, head, and chest.

“This blend offers impressive immune support and smells amazing.”

-Sandra Hilmon
Workshop Team Leader

the heart of aromatherapy book6. The Heart of Aromatherapy Book

40 Essential oils come to life in this paperback guide to safe, effective aromatherapy by our founder Andrea Butje! It includes over 100 recipes (each with a kid-friendly version).

“I love sharing this book with friends and family. It is filled with wonderful information and fun recipes.” 

-Erin Hill
Workshop Team Leader

sunshine blend7. Sunshine Blend

Roll on a ray of sunshine and brighten up the day! This sparkly citrus blend can bring cheer into a friend’s life, helping them overcome negative for a more joyful experience.

“Sunshine is perfect to have on hand during the winter months when actual sunshine is hard to come by in northern climates. This blend is an instant mood-booster.”

-Jaime Weber
Workshop Team Leader

Top gifts from a master aromatherapist!

Peek inside a master aromatherapist’s personal collection to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! Our founder and lead aromatherapist, Karen, has been working with essential oils for decades. She recently shared a list of her 13 must-have products . . . and it’s full of amazing gift ideas!

Use Karen’s favorites as inspiration to get your own holiday shopping done right!

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