Aloe Sunburn Relief Gel Bundle

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Have a little too much fun in the sun? Did you or your little one get a sunburn? August's recipe of the month bundle is here to help! These ingredients work together to soothe and calm burned, irritated skin by helping cool the heat, relieve pain, and encourage faster healing! 

This bundle includes everything you need to formulate an all-natural sunburn relief gel, and features a 10% bundled discount! It comes with a 4 fl oz bottle of aloe vera gel, 100 ml bottle of lavender artisan hydrosol and calendula hydrosol, and a four pack of 2 oz PET bottles w/popup caps (You only pay for 3 and get one FREE with your purchase), so you can make a total of 3 bottles of this gel, and soothe sunburned skin all summer long!

August 2023 - Aloe Sunburn Relief Spray

Join Karen as she blends the Aloe Sunburn Relief Gel, and formulate an all-natural, soothing sunburn relief gel you and your family can rely on all summer long!

Ingredients & Supplies

• 1 fl oz (2 Tbsp) Aloe Vera Gel

• 0.5 fl oz (1 Tbsp) Lavender Artisan Hydrosol

• 0.5 fl oz (1 Tbsp) Calendula Hydrosol

• 1 - 2 fl oz PET Bottle w/Popup Cap


1. Combine the aloe vera gel, lavender hydrosol, and calendula hydrosol in a 2 oz PET bottle w/popup cap.

2. Cap the bottle and shake gently to blend.

3. Apply to the affected areas as needed for relief.

Safety Information

Safety & Dilution: No safety concerns.

Kid Safe: This blend is safe for kids of any age.

Pet Safety: N/A

Shelf Life: This blend should be used w/in 3-6 mo due to the all-natural, preservative-free ingredients (it’s also why we recommend blending this in a 2 fl oz bottle - so you can make fresh batches more frequently, and limit the potential for this blend to go rancid).


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