Aromatics Tote

These colorful Aromatics Totes are great for carrying just about anything, from groceries to your aromatherapy necessities! These bags are compact and durable, making them a wonderful, low-cost addition for any earth-conscious shopper.

These lightweight totes, made from ripstop nylon, fold down into a small ball, making them easy to keep with you at all times. Stash one at your office, one in your car, or wherever! Choose from 4 different color options: Blue, purple, red, or yellow.

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Bag Dimensions - 12" x 14" x 5", Ball Size - 3" in diameter, Weight Capacity - 35 lbs., Compacting System - Premium stretch, rolls up like a sockball, Material - Ripstop nylon, Felt Patch - Keeps the bag on your shoulder, Care - machine wash cold, hang to dry






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