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Chai Spice Candle Bundle

Learn how to make candles at home with this DIY candle bundle featuring our Spicy Chai with a Citrus Twist recipe formulated by our expert aromatherapist Karen Williams. Blended with festive spice oils of black pepper, clove bud, and ginger plus uplifting wild orange, this all-natural beeswax candle creates a warm ambiance with a delicious and festive aroma! This bundle includes everything you need to make 2 DIY candles, and comes with 2 - 8 oz candle jars, 2 organic hemp wicks, 2 labels, and 2 glass stir rods for FREE! Plus the other ingredients feature a 10% recipe bundled discount. It comes with 5 ml bottles of black pepper oil, clove bud oil, ginger oil, and wild orange oil. It also includes 16 oz of organically crafted beeswax pellets. This bundle makes a wonderful gift, plus with 2 candles you can even keep one for yourself! Plus, we’ve included enough essential oil so that you’ll have plenty left over to recreate the Spicy Chai with a Citrus Twist recipe in your favorite diffuser, allowing you to enjoy this incredible aroma in two unique ways: as a DIY candle, and as a diffuser blend! Scroll down to watch our How-to Video with Karen, and for all of the step-by-step instructions.


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Chai Spice Candle Bundle Chai Spice Candle Bundle Chai Spice Candle Bundle Chai Spice Candle Bundle
  • Ingredients & Supplies

    • 45 drops (2 mls) Black Pepper Oil

    • 45 drops (2 mls) Clove Bud Oil

    • 45 drops (2 mls) Ginger Oil

    • 45 drops (2 mls) Wild Orange Oil

    • 8 oz Beeswax Pellets

    • Container for melting beeswax

    • Double boiler

    • Glass Candle Jar - 8 oz

    • Glass Stir Rod or Stainless Steel Spoon

    • Hemp Wick

    • Label

    • Your Favorite Diffuser

  • Directions

    For the Candle:

    1. Prepare Beeswax: Measure 8 oz beeswax pellets using a kitchen scale or by filling an 8 oz candle jar twice. Place in a suitable container for melting (e.g., glass measuring cup, tin can).

    2. Set Up Double Boiler: Position the beeswax container in a pot with simmering water, filling the pot only 1/4 full. Ensure no water spills into the beeswax.

    3. Melt Beeswax: Allow beeswax to fully melt in the double boiler (about 10-15 minutes).

    4. Prepare Essential Oils: Combine essential oils in a glass container and mix thoroughly with a glass stir rod or stainless steel spoon.

    5. Anchor Wick: Dip the wick’s metal end in beeswax and position it at the center-bottom of the 8 oz jar. Press down with stir rod to secure.

    6. Blend Beeswax & Oils: Remove melted beeswax from heat. Let cool slightly, then mix in essential oils until well combined.

    7. Position Wick: Wind the top of the wick around a stir rod or chopstick to center it. Place the rod on the jar’s rim.

    8. Pour Beeswax: Carefully fill the jar with the melted wax mixture, ensuring the wick stays centered.

    9. Set Candle: When wax has hardened, release the wick from the rod and trim it to 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Allow the candle to cure for 48 hours.

    10. Usage Tips: Label your set candle. For optimal burn, melt the candle to its edges on the first use. Enjoy!

    For the Diffuser Blend:

    1. Fill your favorite diffuser with the proper amount of water.

    2. Drop the essential oils directly into the diffuser. Use 2 drops of Black Pepper, 2 drops of Clove Bud, 2 drops of Ginger Oil, and 2 drops of Wild Orange Oil.

    3. Power on your diffuser and breathe in the soothing aroma.

  • Safety Information

    Safety & Dilution: The candle has no safety concerns. The diffuser blend is formulated at a gentle concentration suitable for most environments. 

    Kid Safe: The candle is safe for all age groups. With small children and animals diffuse for 5-15 minutes at one time.

    Pet Safety: Diffuse in short intervals and ensure proper ventilation, especially in the presence of pets.

    Shelf Life: The ingredient with the shortest shelf life remaining becomes the shelf life of the entire blend.

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