Inula (Sweet) Oil

Inula Graveolens
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Certified Organic


5 years





Our certified organic Sweet Inula essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering Inula herb that flourishes in Corsica or Morocco's dry, rocky soil. The delicate yellow flowers and rich green stems of the Inula graveolens shrub create an earthy, fresh, sweet, camphor-like essential oil. Along with supporting healthy lung activity, Sweet Inula essential oil is highly sought after by aromatherapists for its calming and balancing qualities. This essential oil often soothes and quiets situational anxiety and depression. Inula essential oil also helps usher in a more profound, restful sleep.

Suggested Uses

Breathe - Cold Season

We love using Inula essential oil to help maintain healthy lung activity when we're feeling congested from a cold, the flu, or allergies.

Relieve - Soreness

Inula is also used to help ease minor pain and inflammation, and is welcome when looking to soothe hot, reddened areas and is incredibly nourishing and healing in general to the skin.

Energy - Energizing

Emotionally and energetically, Sweet Inula essential oil builds confidence and refreshes our emotions. This essential oil can help attract positive energy and promote a greater sense of inner strength and courage.

Product Properties


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Certified Organic

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Steam Distilled








Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life

5 years

Safety & Warnings

No known safety issues. Sweet Inula should not be confused with a related plant Inula helenium. While Inula graveolens is frequently used in aromatherapy, Inula helenium, also known as Elecampane (distilled from the root), is a severe dermal sensitizer and should not be used. Our sweet Inula is 100% Inula graveolens and entirely safe for therapeutic use.


All essential oils at Aromatics International are GC/MS tested. This ensures that we sell oils with the highest possible integrity for therapeutic use. Learn more about GC/MS reports here.

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