Aromatherapy for Professionals

Creative, science-based methods to support your clients and grow your career
Aromatherapy for Professionals

Aromatherapy for Professionals

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Partners in educating essential oil enthusiasts 

In addition to providing vibrant, high-quality essential oils and aromatherapy products, we believe in helping our customers get the most out of every drop by educating themselves on effective uses, benefits, and safety guidelines. We partner with the Aromahead Institute, an accredited and industry-leading aromatherapy school and certification program, to share educational content with our community. The Aromahead Institute offers evidence-based online courses that make the study and therapeutic use of essential oils accessible to thousands of engaged and active students across the globe.


Your clients look to you for natural solutions for their health and wellbeing. In this guide, you’ll learn advanced techniques for blending essential oils, so you can be more creative with the customized products you make for clients.

You’ll learn how to make blends based on chemistry (even if you have bad memories of high school chemistry class!). You’ll also learn how to make aromatically balanced blends, and why considering the plant part that an oil comes from can make your products more powerful.

Expanding your “essential oil tool kit” can grow your practice so you can reach your potential as an aromatherapist. To that end, this guide also includes resources to help you take your career in any direction your dreams can imagine.

Practicing aromatherapy is about thriving on all levels! As your skill grows, so will your business, and so will you.

Table of Contents


How the body absorbs essential oils

Understand the body’s two routes of absorption (the nose and the skin!) so you can choose what type of blend is best for your client.


Professional essential oil safety

Follow these research-based guidelines every time you blend to keep your clients safe.


Essential oil blending techniques

Learn a simple tool to find oils that achieve specific effects for your clients.


Blending essential oils based on aromatic notes

Make beautifully scented blends by understanding top notes, middle notes, and base notes—and the emotional effects each note can inspire.


Blending essential oils based on plant parts

From the roots to the fruits, every part of a plant carries its own energy. The oils distilled from different plant parts can instill that energy into your blends.


Blending essential oils based on chemical components

Every essential oil is made up of many natural chemical components. Understanding these components lets you safely target your blends to ease specific issues.


Essential oil careers

If you can dream it, you can do it! There has never been a better time to grow your essential oil career. Discover your options and get support for your next steps.

Aromatherapy for Professionals

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