Essential oil careers

How to take your essential oil career in any direction you can dream!
Essential oil careers

Essential oil careers

You might have noticed something about aromatherapy in the past few years.

It’s becoming incredibly popular! People (even medical professionals) are taking note of the science of essential oils. Once a little-known alternative therapy, aromatherapy is going “mainstream.”

There’s never been a better time to grow your own aromatherapy business!

Whatever your dreams are, there are resources to help you get there.

Before you get started, make sure you have the right education to reach your goals. We have the perfect opportunity to help you start learning with our partners, the Aromahead Institute. The class is free, and it's only available for a limited time!

Unlock the Power of Essential Oils

Start making the most of every drop in your essential oil collection! Learn tangible strategies you can use right away to get more out of your oils, from safety tips to basic EO science. You'll also learn all about a proven path toward increased confidence, credibility, and opportunity as a certified aromatherapist!



Sell your aromatherapy blends

Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson started Poofy Organics in honor of her daughter (nicknamed “Poofy!”).

Today, it’s a thriving family business in New Jersey. Poofy Organics sells products online and at their beautiful physical store, where they build relationships with customers face-to-face.

See Poofy Organics’ store here

If your dream is a retail line (either online or in person), learn about making your own products in Aromahead Institute’s classes:

Massage therapy:

Offer your clients aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy and massage go hand-in-hand—like socks and shoes, or rosemary and mint!

Paula Begel practices a wide variety of therapeutic massage modalities, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and pregnancy massage.

She added aromatherapy to her practice so she could help her clients on deeper levels, and now includes “aromatherapy consultations” in her list of services.

See what a working aromatherapy massage practitioner can do

If you’re a massage therapist looking to offer your clients a more therapeutic experience (or to create customized blends for them to take home) the programs below can help:

Holistic practices:

Support your clients with custom blends

Massage therapy isn’t the only holistic practice that aromatherapy complements.

Marynka Muckey uses essential oils in her restorative yoga practice in Georgia. By creating a calm, focused atmosphere in her classes—and providing custom blends for her students—she helps them center their minds and connect more profoundly with their bodies.

Learn more about Marynka’s work

If you’d like to use aromatherapy along with yoga, reiki, reflexology, or another natural wellness practice, find the knowledge you need in these classes:


Lead short aromatherapy classes or weekend workshops

Sharing your love and knowledge of essential oils can change lives. You can help others understand their options for natural health, and empower them to care for themselves and others.

Cha Roberts teaches in-person aromatherapy classes and weekend workshops. Her students have said her classes are “The best experience I have had on essential oils!” and that her classes “Have a warm, friendly environment.”

See Cha’s line-up of classes

If you’d like to teach your own aromatherapy classes, get the training, class materials, and confidence you need here:

Clinical or hospice work:

Complement “Western” medicine with aromatherapy

Denise Joswiak has been an RN for over 37 years. She works with United Hospital in Minnesota, is the co-facilitator for the United Hospital Holistic Nursing Council… and she’s a Certified Aromatherapist.

These are just a few ways that Denise uses her knowledge of aromatherapy to help patients in a clinical setting.

Learn about Denise’s work here

Are you a clinical healthcare worker looking to support your patients with natural, complementary methods? Get the rigorous, science-based education you need in these programs:


Help people on a personal basis with customized blends

Cynthia Tamlyn uses her knowledge of aromatherapy to help people who have experienced trauma find peace and live their best lives.

Some of Cynthia’s most heartwarming cases include times when she’s helped children feel more safe and secure, calming their anxiety so they can sleep through the night.

See how Cynthia does it

Cynthia focuses on helping people through trauma, but there are a wide variety of consulting opportunities in aromatherapy. Clinics, hospice centers, and individuals are all trusting aromatherapy as it gains mainstream popularity.

If you’d like to consult with people about using essential oils for emotional and mental wellness, find the education you need here:

Writing and publishing:

Share your knowledge and grow an audience

Mommypotamus is a wildly popular parenting blog by Heather Dessinger.

Heather’s mix of research-based health information (including on essential oils), delicious recipes, and DIY tips has gained a strong worldwide following. In addition to educating herself about essential oils and other natural methods, Heather consults with a group of licensed healthcare professionals, so her information is always reliable.

Read Heather’s blog (and subscribe!)

If you’d like to write a blog, books, or even produce YouTube content about essential oils, you have a lot of options for which aspect of aromatherapy to focus on. For example, you can take a scientific angle and talk about chemistry, focus on the art of blending perfect body butters, teach people how to make natural household cleaning products… or help parents care for their kids naturally (like Heather).

Here are a few places to start:

Keep learning and growing

Reaching your potential as an aromatherapist means you’ll be able to help more clients with your knowledge and skills.

While there’s much more to know about the art and science of blending essential oils, this guide can help you expand your offerings significantly. It’s also fun to spend time playing with the search filters on our website (which you learned about in Chapter 3). You can come up with your own creative blends based on botanical families, types of aromas, countries of origin, and more.

If you have questions about careers in essential oils that we didn’t cover here, or about other educational resources, just email us!

Our workshop may be in the mountains of Montana, but we’re right here to answer your questions.

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Essential oil careers

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