A beginner’s guide to using essential oils safely and effectively

Everything you need to know to get started with confidence

Learning about essential oils can be exciting and inspiring and … overwhelming. If you’ve ever gone down a rabbit-hole just to find an answer to what you thought was a simple question, we’re here to help. This guide shares the details you need to use essential oils effectively and safely in beginner-friendly terms, from basic safety tips to the best essential oils for beginners.

Here's what we will cover:


Getting to know essential oils

Build a strong foundation for using essential oils by understanding how they are made, how and why they work, common uses, and application methods.


Basic essential oil safety

We can’t stress the importance of safety enough! While there's a lot to know about safe use for individual oils, there are also basic rules of thumb that can be helpful overall. This section covers some hot topics, like using essential oils with kids and pets, and taking essential oils internally.


Evaluating purity and quality

There are many essential oil companies to choose from, but they are not all created equal. Since most people turn to essential oils for enhanced wellness, finding a reputable company that prioritizes essential oil purity and quality is key to ensuring the best results. Learn what to look for and what to avoid.


Getting started with blending

As you begin learning about essential oils, knowing which ones go well together can feel mysterious. Tips from our team of certified aromatherapists can help put you on the right track, save you some trial and error, and help you discover the blends you enjoy.


The top 10 essential oils for beginners

Most people are aware of a few popular essential oils (lavender, anyone?) but as you learn more you’ll quickly realize there is a whole world out there to choose from. Knowing where to start is the challenge! To help, we’ve identified ten essential oils that are well-loved in the aromatherapy world, serve a broad variety of helpful purposes, and are simple for beginners to use.


Next steps and resources

There is so much more to learn! Continuing to educate yourself is the best path to using essential oils safely and effectively. Whether you prefer to learn from websites, books, or online courses, there are resources available to help. We’ve shared a shortlist of the most reputable ones we know.


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