Getting started with blending

Now that you are familiar with safety basics and have a good and trusted source of essential oils, it’s time...
Getting started with blending

Getting started with blending

Tools of the blending trade

Before getting started, you’ll need some basic supplies. Not all of the items listed here will be needed every time. It depends on what you are making!

  • First, and perhaps most obviously, you’ll need to collect the essential oils you plan to use as well as the carriers you will be blending them into.
  • Next, consider the container that will work best for your finished blend. If you are blending straight essential oils, it’s best to use dark-tinted glass containers because essential oils can corrode other types of materials over time. For blends that you dilute with carriers, tins, jars, bottles, or tubes made from PET plastic, glass, or metal work well. 
  • Set aside a glass dish and glass stir rod for mixing up your blend. 
  • Grab a notebook and pen so you can write down the details of your creation and anything you’d like to remember for next time. 
  • Find towels or paper towels to help keep things neat and tidy.
  • Get labels to put on your containers so you’ll remember what’s inside. 
  • If you need to melt your carrier product, you’ll also need a double boiler and a heat source.
  • If the recipe calls for exact measurements, a kitchen scale can be helpful.

Blending tips and tricks

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Keep dilution guidelines in mind to make sure that your blend will be safe to use. 
  • Add one drop of oil at a time, then mix and smell before adding more. You can always add more oil to your blend, but you can’t take any out. 
  • Write down the details of what you add so that you can re-create your blend or improve upon it next time! 
  • If you are following a recipe, feel free to add all the drops at once. 
  • When using recipes, keep in mind that even slight improvisation can result in a very different final product. 
  • Close your essential oil bottles as quickly as possible once you are done using them and keep them away from heat so that they remain fresh and effective for as long as possible. 
  • If you are blending in the hopes of creating a lovely aroma, consider using oils that represent top, middle, and base notes to create balance.
  • Set up your blending space in an area where your supplies are out of reach of children and pets.
  • Consider laying down a towel or piece of parchment paper so that accidental spills or stray drops won’t cause spots or stains. 
  • Before blending, read about each oil you plan to use to make sure you are aware of any safety precautions you’ll need to keep in mind.

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Getting started with blending

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