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5 Essential Oil Recipes for Men to Look and Feel Great

Cologne, beard oil and tattoo oil recipes to look great and a digestive blend and hangover oil for the morning after.

At first, we were just going to use this post to share one of our favorite essential oil recipes for men, the Black Forest Solid Cologne.

Then we decided to share a beard oil recipe, too.

Then we remembered, we have a great DIY tattoo oil recipe and including that here felt like a natural next step.

(Prepare to feel quite dapper, sir.)

Then we realized we’d collected three recipes that would help you look and smell great for a night out . . . and thought we’d also share a few to help you recover afterward.

So you’ll also find a natural DIY digestion oil and a blend for hangover relief.

Before we dive in, we want to note: These men’s grooming products are formulated with all-natural ingredients—organic carrier oils, and organic, organically grown, or wildcrafted essential oils.

Essential oils are great choices because they support your health as you use them. They’re in a whole different class than synthetic products, which can stir up allergies or cause irritation.

We chose the essential oils in these DIY products based on our experience of what men tend to choose for themselves: scents that are woodsy, foresty, earthy, and citrusy.

1. Black Forest Solid Cologne

This is a recipe for DIY cologne that never spills a drop.

We like that because natural colognes usually need to be applied more often than synthetic ones, so it helps to keep it with you.

That’s no problem with a solid cologne. You can tuck this slim, small, portable tin into a pocket or bag and carry it with you to spruce up throughout the night.

This particular DIY cologne is made with a blend of essential oils that give it a rich, nuanced aroma—piney conifer scents layered over deep, earthy tones. There’s even a hint of citrus in there.

Black Forest Solid Cologne

Black Forest Solid Cologne Essential Oil Recipe

How to make it

  1. Put a glass or Pyrex measuring cup into a pot that’s about ¼ full of simmering water. The water will heat the measuring cup from the outside.
  2. Melt the beeswax and jojoba oil together in the Pyrex. You can stir gently with a glass stirring rod or a stainless steel spoon.
  3. While the blend is melting, combine your essential oil drops in a small glass bowl.
  4. When the beeswax and jojoba are melted, remove the Pyrex from heat and add the essential oils. Stir gently.

Pour the melted blend into two 1 oz. aluminum tins.

It will solidify pretty quickly, but be aware that it will continue to firm up over the next 24 hours.

2. Burly Beard Oil Blend

We know your beard is your pride and joy.

Keep it groomed and soft with a beard oil recipe that won’t overwhelm you with synthetic fragrances.

After washing your beard with a natural soap or beard wash, apply this DIY beard oil to condition, moisturize, and style.

You can use a thin layer as a leave-in conditioner, or apply a heavier layer for deep conditioning before washing it out. Be sure not to ignore the skin beneath your beard, too.

The essential oils add just a touch of woodsy, conifer scent.

Burly Beard Oil Blend

Burly Beard Oil Blend Essential Oil Recipe

How to make it

Make your beard oil in a 1 oz glass bottle.

Put the jojoba oil into the bottle, then add the essential oils. Roll the bottle gently to blend everything together.

We already mentioned the aroma of this blend is light and woodsy. One thing we love about this beard oil recipe is you can customize the aroma to be stronger or lighter—or even leave out the essential oils altogether.

3. DIY Tattoo Oil

You do apply natural skin care to your tattoos, right?

It’s important to use natural skin care for your tattoos—not only in the beginning when they’re fresh, and you need to soothe irritated skin and reduce the risks of infection—but also as they age. Caring for your skin helps your tattoos stay sharp and vibrant.

So we formulated this DIY tattoo oil with essential oils that get rid of germs and help skin cells rejuvenate.

It’s made in a base of moringa oil and red raspberry seed oil (which smells nothing like raspberries). These two carriers are light, silky oils that absorb into the skin quickly, so they won’t leave your skin greasy. They’re also rich with vitamins and essential fatty acids.

DIY Tattoo Oil

DIY Tattoo Oil Essential Oil Recipe

How to make it

Make this blend in a 1 oz glass bottle with a coned cap.

Combine the moringa oil and red raspberry seed oil in the bottle. Add the essential oils, and roll the bottle gently to blend everything together.

For fresh tattoos that feel itchy and irritated, you can spritz them with Frankincense Hydrosol (Boswellia carterii) as needed throughout the day. That will help cool and soothe irritated skin.

4. Belly Digestive Blend

Going out for a good time often involves eating.

Sometimes a lot of eating . . . which means your “good time” might also involve undoing your belt a notch or two (or even some indigestion).

It’s not especially fun to feel like you need to recover after a meal.

The essential oils in this DIY digestive blend are popular for calming those feelings of bloat, belly tension, spasms, and even nausea.

Belly Digestive Blend

Belly Digestive Blend Essential Oil Recipe

How to make it

Make this blend in a 2 oz. PET plastic bottle with a pop-up cap.

If you have unscented natural lotion and prefer to use that as a base, it works great!

Just put the lotion into a 2 oz. jar, and drop the essential oils into the lotion. You’ll have to stir this one with a glass stirring stick, and it may take a minute for the essential oils to fully blend into the lotion. (But once they’re blended in, they won’t separate.)

Apply your blend right over your belly, abdomen, and low back.

If you’re looking forward to a big meal, you can apply this before you eat to get a head start on preventing discomfort.

5. Lucky Charm Hangover Oil

You had a great time last night, didn’t you?

That’s great! We hope that the previous four products helped you look and feel your best while you partied on.

Now how do you calm that hangover that’s trying to punish you for all of your fun?

Use this blend of essential oils that we love turning to for headaches and detoxifying. It calms inflammation, reduces muscle spasms, releases tension, encourages circulation, and cools heat.

Lucky Charm Hangover Oil

Lucky Charm Hangover Oil

How to make it

Make your DIY hangover oil in a 10 ml roll-on bottle.

Pour the jojoba into the bottle, and add the essential oils. Snap the roller-ball top into place. (If you have trouble pouring the jojoba oil directly into the small 10 ml bottle, try a funnel.)

Rub your DIY hangover oil into the back of your neck.

It really does help—a headache is basically inflammation and tense, spasming muscles. If you can relax the muscles in your neck, the relief will radiate up into your scalp.

You can massage a few drops of this hangover oil directly into your scalp if you like, but you don’t want to get your hair too oily. (Also, we like to keep essential oils well away from our eyes, so keep that in mind.)

We hope these DIY men’s grooming products help you look sharp and feel great!

You can customize each product to your liking, and you can even customize the blends you include in your collection.

Want an Aftershave instead of a Beard Oil? There’s one in this post.

How about DIY Citrus IPA Lip Balm? This recipe is fantastic if we do say so ourselves.

Are your hands rough and cracked? We’ve got you covered here.

Traveling to a buggy area? Everybody will wonder why the bugs are leaving you alone . . . and you can share your Backcountry Bug Repellent if you’re feeling generous.

For more inspiration on essential oil recipes for men, check out our previous blog post, DIY Natural Skin Care for Men: 3 Recipes for Healthy, Attractive Skin

When you’re deciding to make your own men’s grooming products, consider what’s going to get the most use. Start there . . . then get creative and expand your collection as needed.

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