We love lemongrass essential oil because microbes don’t

But we want to be very careful with the drop count of lemongrass in topical blends, because most lemongrass essential oil can cause skin irritation. (We want to relieve irritation, not cause it!) That’s because most lemongrass essential oil is rich in a component called “citral.” Did you notice we said “most” lemongrass essential oil in those last two sentences?

We have some exciting news to share ... Aromatics has a rare variety of lemongrass essential oil that does NOT cause skin irritation!

This unique lemongrass essential oil is chemically similar to regular lemongrass (so we can still use it for all of our favorite applications), but instead of being rich in skin-irritating citral, it’s rich in skin-loving rhodinol! The rhodinol gives this exceptional variety of lemongrass a rosy, herbaceous scent, and means it’s ideal for topical blends.

Here’s where you can get it, and here are some great ways to use it in your aromatherapy recipes.

Five skin-friendly lemongrass recipes

1. Lemongrass Foot Lotion

This recipe is quick and easy to make! It helps to moisturize dry feet, reduce microbes, and ease feelings of itchiness. Take it to the gym and use it on your feet after showering!

2. Lemongrass Healthy Breathing Body Oil

This body oil is great to nourish your health if something’s going around the office, or if someone in your household starts sneezing. Use it as skin care or moisturizing oil once or twice a day.

3. Lemon-Head Tension Oil

Does your head hurt? Along with the other essential oils in this recipe, lemongrass essential oil is a wonderful ally if you’re dealing with persistent feelings of tension and throbbing in your head.

Use this oil to massage your neck and shoulders (where a lot of muscle tension can live and radiate up into your scalp).

4. Lemongrass Hand Gel

Keep your hands clean, even if you’re on the go and can’t get to a sink! Rub a small coin-sized amount between your palms and fingers.

This is a great blend to keep in your bag, especially if you’re traveling.

5. Lemongrass After-Shower Tile Spray

Keep this bottle in your shower stall and spritz it all over your tiles after you turn off the water and towel yourself dry. It helps keep the shower surfaces clean and healthy. Make sure to get in the corners of the stall!

We hope you’ll invite this rare, charismatic essential oil into your life

Get a bottle for yourself (or a friend) here!

Team Aromatics has a close, friendly relationship with the man who produces this special lemongrass essential oil. His name is Gurpreet, and he’s a farmer and distiller in India. We adore his dedication to 100% organic, sustainable practices!

He recently told us a story about how he cultivated this lemongrass—he actually had no idea the chemistry of this lemongrass was unique! Gurpreet studied biochemistry, and was completely shocked when he learned that the lemongrass essential oil he’d produced was rich in rhodinol. He’d never seen anything like it. Neither had we!

Read Gurpreet’s story here.

His rhodinol-rich lemongrass essential oil will be a useful, versatile gem in your essential oil collection.

Just don’t wait to get a few bottles!

We’ve had people waiting for years for us to get more rhodinol-rich lemongrass essential oil. It’s so exciting that it’s finally here!

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August 10, 2020 — Karen Williams