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All About Yuzu Essential Oil

Spring is just around the corner. If you're like us here at Aromatics International, you can't wait! So what better way to get our collective vernal vibe on than to explore some of our favorite fruits and flowers? We'll start off this spring-evoking series of blogs with a special little fruit that creates a deliciously smelling essential oil that many of you probably have never heard of, but we think you should definitely get to know: Yuzu.

Yuzu (pronounced you-zoo), Latin name citrus junos, is a citrus fruit that hails from Japan. It looks like a small orange in appearance, but its taste is sour like that of a lemon. Its distinct aroma is similar to a grapefruit, with hints of mandarin, lime, and bergamot. Although it originated in China, yuzu has been used in Japan since ancient times. One such traditional use was to take a hot yuzu bath on the winter solstice. It was believed to ward off winter illnesses such as colds and even the flu. It must have been pretty effective because it is still widely practiced by the people of Japan today! Regardless of whether or not the winter solstice hot yuzu bath tradition, known as yuzuyu, actually works to ward off illnesses for the entire winter or not, yuzu still has some pretty amazing therapeutic benefits, especially if you use it more than just one day a year. (You can also use yuzu essential oil in other ways, as well!)

Here are some of the amazing things yuzu may do for you:

  • Emotionally calming and uplifting
  • Helps to clear infections
  • Soothes sore muscles, relieving inflammation
  • Increases circulation
  • Supports healthy respiratory function discouraging the occasional overactive mucous production
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • May help ease occasional nausea
  • Boosts immune health
  • Inspires creativity - opens left brain

Yuzu essential oil has a typical 68-80 percent of the monoterpene, limonene (d) which gives this essential oil its wonderful benefits (among others) of pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immunostimulant, and skin penetration enhancer properties. The 7-11 percent of γ-terpinene enhances the properties of antibacterial, antioxidant, antispasmodic, and antiviral benefits. How to use yuzu essential oil? Yuzu is such a versatile essential oil to use, meaning it can be used so many different ways to help with so many different things. Add Yuzu essential oil to an inhaler blend to help you relax, combine it with bath salt for your own version of the yuzuyu (or even shower gel for those of you that prefer showers!), make a belly oil to aid digestion, or add to a diffuser to help soothe respiratory ailments. Safety precautions: May cause skin irritation. Use in low dilution (1%, 5-6 drops per ounce of carrier) when applying to the skin, such as in bath or massage oils. Older, oxidized oils increase the potential for skin irritation. Best to buy citrus oils that are from organically grown fruit as citrus trees can be heavily sprayed. Not known for photosensitivity due to the low or non-existent levels of the chemical component bergamoten. We hope you've enjoyed learning about this amazing little fruit from Japan and that we've inspired you to try it out for yourself! Click here to read more about this amazing yuzu essential oil.

To get you started, here are three of our favorite recipes containing yuzu essential oil!

1) Chamomile & Yuzu Bath Salts

Directions: Add the jojoba oil to salt, mix well. Add drops of essential oil and blend thoroughly. Add 1-2 teaspoons to your bath or foot bath for a lovely experience!

2) Peppermint & Yuzu Belly Oil

Directions: Add the essential oils to the jojoba oil and gently roll to blend. Rub onto belly as needed for digestion, encouragement, and/or to just get moving!

3) Bergamot Mint & Yuzu Diffuser Blend

Directions: Add the essential oil drops to your favorite diffuser and enjoy the refreshing, energizing, and relaxing aroma of this synergistic blend.

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