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Easy Aromatherapy with Pure Essential Oil Blends!

Thank you to everyone who asked for an easy way to use essential oils every day! We’re so inspired by how many of you want to support your families with natural, non-toxic products. We also understand that you’re busy! And making safe, effective products can take time that you don’t always have to spare. So we made a collection of ready-made essential oil blends for you! Let us take care of choosing the right essential oils—based on research. Let us manage safe dilution and drop counts. Let us make sure your essential oils are proven—scientifically—to be 100% pure.

Meet Aromatic Essentials®: Our Line of Pure Essential Oil Blends

Formulated by our professional certified aromatherapists, this collection includes 32 ready-made essential oil blends for easy everyday uses like sleep, breathing, optimism, and more.

aromatics essentials® blends

These are our favorite recipes. We’ve used them personally for years, and are so happy to share them with you in a way that’s:

  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Effective!

Tuck a roll-on essential oil blend in your bag (or your child’s backpack) to use as needed. Or get a full bottle of your favorite Aromatic Essentials® blend to use in your diffusers, inhalers, massage oils, and even homemade cleaning products . . . from our family, to yours!

Trust Our 20+ Years of Essential Oil Experience

Consider us like your personal certified aromatherapists! Choose a blend that’s right for you, and feel free to ask us anything about how to use it, or safety concerns. Our certified aromatherapists have dedicated years of study to essential oil science. They’ve carefully selected the right oil for the right purpose, so you don’t have to rely on trial-and-error blending, or sort through confusing information.

trust essential oil

catching zzz's blend1. Catching Zzz's Blend

Our popular Catching Zzz’s essential oil blend is made with oils proven to calm nerves.

“Catching Zzz’s lives up to its name! Very relaxing and lulls me to sleep.” (— Karen P.)

breathe clear blend2. Breathe Clear Blend

Open a bottle of Breathe Clear, and experience quick breath-opening, immune supporting effects!

“I use this blend all the time in the winter when the kids are exposed to so many viruses.” (— Kate B.)

sunshine blend3. Sunshine Blend

Or boost your happiness with Sunshine—made with oils shown to help release emotional negativity, and inspire optimism.

“Sunshine has been a good friend during times when I really needed one.” (— A.K.)


The purest essential oil blends in the world!

Every Aromatic Essentials® blend is certified organic, organically crafted, or wildcrafted. This is as close to the untouched plants as you can get! What about when more research is done on essential oils? We’re on top of it! Rely on us to keep up with the latest scientific updates, to be sure we’re offering the safest, most effective essential oil blends for your family.

aromatics essentials sunshine blend

The essential oils in Catching Zzz’s were once a purple field of lavender in Bulgaria, delicate white blossoms on orange trees in Italy, and sustainably harvested sandalwood in Australia. Take a deep whiff of Breathe Clear, and you’ll smell long, green eucalyptus leaves in Indian forests, and fresh tea tree plants in Australia.

We trust our farmers and distillers 100%. They’re our friends. But we want to be absolutely positive that you’re getting the purest essential oil blends in the world. So every oil we use to craft our essential oil blends has been tested with GC/MS laboratory technology. This identifies the components present in an essential oil, so we can see its unique chemistry—and whether any unwanted pesticides or synthetic substances are present. You can find every individual essential oil’s GC/MS lab report on its product page. We’re not proprietary about this information—transparency and accountability are how we do things at Aromatics International.

Sustainable Standards

Wouldn’t it be great if you were good friends with a lavender distiller in Bulgaria? Or you with a sandalwood distiller in Australia, so you could fully trust their methods were sustainable, and their oils were pure? We are!

sustainable farming practices

We’ve spent decades cultivating friendships with farmers, distillers, and producers around the world who share our values for sustainability and quality. Wherever possible, their growing practices are certified organic.

In cases where it’s not possible to be certified as organic, they use organic methods, or practice wildcrafting—harvesting plants from wild, unsprayed sources, always making sure to leave enough material so the plants can quickly repopulate.

Our farmers and distillers also give back to the land and their communities. Many have grown their local economies, providing employment for people in their villages, and building business based on relationships and a shared love of nature. Your purchase supports their important work!

Thank you for helping us support the planet!

Thanks to you, we’re able to support the people, planet, and plants that bring so much joy and health into our lives. We hope you and your family find the essential oil blends that bring joy and health into yours!

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Our products are 100% pure and completely natural. They are organically grown and free from additives of any kind. We take the extra step of testing each batch to guarantee its purity and share the test results on our website so you can see all of the details.


To support your health and wellness, we only select products that have the ideal chemistry for maximum therapeutic benefit. Our recommendations are guided by expert aromatherapists based on the latest research and science.


We keep the earth in mind during each step of our process, making sustainable choices from plant to package. Our small scale producers follow organic practices and all of our materials are selected for sustainability, including plant-based inks and biodegradable shipping materials.