Emotional Support During Summer Fun

There is something so wonderful about summer. Yes, there is the uncomfortable heat, biting insects, and allergies for some people....
Emotional Support During Summer Fun

There is something so wonderful about summer. Yes, there is the uncomfortable heat, biting insects, and allergies for some people. Yet in spite of these things, most of us find ourselves drawn outdoors.

Summer is a season of abundance, lush green trees, flowering plants, and the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Such a wonderful time of year. As I write this article, I am sitting on my front porch. I can hear the insects, the birds chirping, a neighbor's air conditioner kicking on, a person mowing their lawn. All signs and sounds of this season. Am I hot? Yes! But there is a calling to be out, open and free during these warmer temperatures. It's our chance to experience mother nature in all her glory, surprising us with unexpected wildflowers that pop up in our yards, and a time when we meet up with friends and neighbors to enjoy the outdoors.

This is also a time for vacations and family reunions. But for some, these family get-togethers are not always a joyful experience. Because of difficulties with family members or even certain traumatic events from childhood, going home stirs up memories of not so pleasant times. This may be so uncomfortable, leaving us feeling panicky and anxious, that we avoid family gatherings or interactions altogether. A woman I know had a childhood that was not the best with a single traumatic event affecting her each time she would go home to visit. She was very close to her mother, the one thing that kept pulling her back each time. But home was also an environment in which the feelings of not being safe, anger, and shame were also present. Every time she would start to get ready for her visit, she would get sick with something. She never realized why she was getting sick. But during the time before her visits, she would express emotions that, if paid attention to, would have shown her why she was getting sick. She just wasn't ready to face and move beyond the trauma in her past.

As I began working with essential oils, she was immediately interested and drawn to them. She had some essential oils of her own at the time, but once she began to experience my oils from Aromatics she was hooked. She happily became my test subject trying my new blends and reporting back how they made her feel. Gradually over time, I noticed that she no longer got sick before her visits home. She was able to do some spiritual work on herself and on her marriage. Her life is now forever changed. It is my belief that it was the love bond between us and the magic of the essential oils that opened her heart and allowed her to heal from past wounds. In fact, while preparing for a recent visit home, she experienced nothing but peace and asked me for some blends to take with her to make her time at home more pleasant.

Since I have experienced a significant amount of trauma in my own life, it comes as no surprise that I attract clients who have had trauma in their lives. Over the years, I have used various tools to help my precious clients. It wasn't until I began to work with essential oils in my practice that I saw the most profound results. This makes perfect sense since inhaling essential oils sends signals directly to the limbic system of our brains where our instinctive behaviors/automatic emotional responses are held. The limbic system also facilitates memory storage and retrieval. Aromas are then the perfect way to affect overall mood to address these issues.

Over the years I have made various blends for trauma, many specific to my client's situation. Recently, I wanted to take this healing a step further for these individuals and anyone working with trauma in their lives. I developed the Unify Roll-on Perfume as a way to reunite the scattered pieces of our being that happen as a result of trauma and invite completion. So far, the results have been astonishing! One client expressed it this way. "Well I do believe that Trauma has finally (after multiple re-dramatizations) left my soul for good! Your AMAZING roll on perfume which you infused w/your FABULOUS healing energies has done the trick! I feel different - back to the old ME prior to 2004 when separation began with my ex. YAY. I LOVE YOU AND CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH." Another said, "I feel as if I am experiencing a rebirth, I feel more light and free. I am ready to move forward in my healing journey. I amaze myself with things I am now able to do. Thank you."

If you are someone whose summer memories are combined with painful memories, I would invite you to give this recipe a try so you too can experience this freedom. And it doesn't necessarily have to be this recipe.So many essential oils are perfect for addressing these situations. Aromatics International has a wonderful set of blends called Emotional Support Roller Blends that just might resonate with your emotional needs.

Recipe: Unify Roll-on Perfume


Fill a 10 ml roll-on bottle with Peru Balsam Infused Jojoba Oil and add the above essential oils.

  • Peru Balsam (Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae) works wonderfully in this blend as it ends a warm, comforting base note in which to hold the energetic properties of the other oils. Because the resin is obtained from the wounded trunk of the tree, it is especially suited for soothing and healing the core of our being.
  • Larch Tamarack (Larix Laricina) is so vital in this blend. In order to truly heal from trauma, we must forgive both ourselves and others. Larch easily invites forgiveness and self-acceptance giving an opportunity for a fresh start. It also promotes a strong self-image and identity, provides positive energy and is emotionally revitalizing for the dampened spirit - all of which are necessary when moving beyond the trauma.
  • Pinyon Pine (Pinus edulis) really fits well with the intention of this formula. Just as the aroma is lovely, smooth and full of strength, those same qualities are important for us as we become whole again. It is relaxing, restorative, calming and emotionally uplifting.
  • Balsam Poplar (Populus balsamifera) is for us a wonderful oil which holds and balances this perfume with its energy. It is emotionally balancing, heals old emotional wounds and is deeply nourishing both to oneself but also for the heart when one is feeling particularly emotionally flooded.

We love the fact that all the essential oils used in this blend come from various parts of trees. Just as trees are deeply rooted in mother earth and have branches reaching upward and outward ready for whatever life brings their way, this perfume imparts the same strength with its use. Whether you've experienced trauma or emotional pain in the past, know that there are amazing options out there for you. Essential oils, whose essence is the wonder, beauty, and abundance of mother earth, are one of the most effective ways to find relief. You too can enjoy this wonderful time of year free of your past. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Much love, Sierra Lamanna, AI Guest Contributor and Co-Owner of Essentials for Healing

Questions or comments?! Please email us at: team@aromatics.com!

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