At Aromatics, we carry hundreds of aromatherapy products—essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils and butters, salts, clays, containers, books, and more.

So when our loyal customers overwhelmingly name ONE product as their favorite, you can be sure it’s something special!

In a recent survey, customers told us about their top Aromatics products, sharing why they love them and how they use them. Many products were mentioned, but one came out on top by a huge margin:

Lavender Essential Oil

“Love the calming effect and beautiful scent. I use it in my skin care, diffuse for sleep, and it’s safe with kids. This is one oil I carry with me as well as keep on hand at home.”
-Mary Ellen

“Lavender is such a versatile and remarkable essential oil. I use it for skin care on a daily basis. I use it in a body powder that I make. It is especially good for burns to take the heat out. It is calming and helps me get ready to sleep. I love this oil! And, I am assured that its quality is top of the line coming from Aromatics International.”

Lavender oil’s benefits and uses

It’s no surprise that lavender oil was the #1 pick! It’s such a versatile essential oil, with a multitude of uses for body care, skin care, health, emotional balance, and more. It’s strong enough to soothe something like a bite or sting, but gentle enough to use for children. Lavender’s wide range of uses has made it a must-have staple for any natural care cabinet.

Some of lavender’s top benefits:

  • Calming stress
  • Supporting a good night’s sleep
  • Comforting sore muscles & joints
  • Relieving irritated skin
  • Caring for damaged skin
  • Soothing skin after too much sun
  • Reducing redness and acne
  • Helping skin repair itself naturally
  • Supporting immune health
  • Purifying your home

And of course, it has plenty more uses. If you’re not sure which essential oil to reach for, it’s a safe bet that lavender can help!

“Everywhere I go people smell it on me, they always ask me what kind it is! I have even given out samples of lavender to the ladies at the grocery store!!”

Aromatics’ certified organic lavender oil

Lavender oil is steam distilled from certified organic plants in the Bulgarian countryside.

We insist on working with small-scale farmers and distillers who share our values for sustainability.

These farmers have become our friends! They never use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, staying true to their commitment to organic methods. They harvest the lavender at the optimal time of year for the most beautiful aroma and the strongest therapeutic properties.

Because lavender is such a popular essential oil, it’s often “adulterated”—diluted with synthetic substances that don’t have therapeutic properties (and can even cause negative reactions). Many essential oil companies sell impure versions of lavender (whether they’re aware of it or not).

That’s why we test every batch of lavender oil we receive with GC/MS laboratory technology, then ensure those tests are reviewed by a third-party chemist.

A GC/MS test identifies all of the components present in an essential oil. If any synthetic or inorganic substances are present, they stick out like a sore thumb! We never accept impure lavender oil into our stock. With Aromatics, you’re guaranteed the real thing every time.

“Compared to other lavender oils I’ve used, I enjoy Aromatics lavender scent the most. In addition, I’ve seen outside parties doing testings of various brands of lavender oils and Aromatics’ report to be without any additives. Lavender is the most used oil in my household and I feel very safe using Aromatics’ oil.”

Lavender essential oil recipes

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Lavender Oil
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March 21, 2022 — Karen Williams