10 reasons why aromatherapy students trust Aromatics International

Aromatherapy students trust Aromatics to provide the highest quality, sustainable essential oils at affordable prices. It’s our honor to support...
10 reasons why aromatherapy students trust Aromatics International

1. We were founded to provide quality essential oils for aromatherapy students!

Aromatics International was founded by aromatherapy teachers, for aromatherapy students.

More than 20 years ago, Andrea Butje and Cindy Black co-founded the Aromahead Institute to teach the art and science of essential oils, but they struggled to find a proven source of pure essential oils for their students to practice with.

Andrea conducted a lab test on one of her bottles of “frankincense oil” and discovered that it only actually contained 2% true frankincense. The rest was synthetic! That was the moment when she knew something had to be done.

Using pure essential oils is the foundation of aromatherapy. Impure oils don’t offer therapeutic benefits. In fact, they can even cause negative reactions. She and Cindy founded Aromatics International to source and import only the purest essential oils, carriers, and aromatherapy products in the world.

2. We’re owned and operated by certified aromatherapists

In addition to being founded to support students, our owners have all been aromatherapy students themselves!

To this day, Aromatics International is owned and operated by certified aromatherapists.

We remain committed to holistic aromatherapy education and reliable information, and to offering the highest-quality products in the world—the same ones we use for ourselves and our families.

Each of our team members is an experienced certified aromatherapist who is well versed in the complexity and nuance of essential oils.

3. Transparent product information

Aromatics essential oil bottle labels

You deserve to know all the details about your essential oils! We’ll never conceal information from you or leave you guessing. We’ll share details about the kind of information you should expect from your essential oil company below, as well as where you can find it on the Aromatics website.

4. Batch-specific GC/MS lab reports

How can you be sure the essential oils you’re buying are pure? The only way to know for certain is with a lab test called “GC/MS.”

Every batch of essential oil we receive at Aromatics International is tested using GC/MS technology and validated by a third-party chemist. We provide the reports on our website.

A GC/MS report lists the chemical components present in an essential oil along with their percentages. And chemical components determine each oil’s therapeutic properties! As an aromatherapy student, seeing an oil’s components will give you insights into its benefits and uses.

On our website, you can find batch-specific GC/MS reports for each essential oil we carry. Simply search for the oil you are looking for, then click on the GC/MS Data section below the description to find all the details.

GCMS data

5. Distillation dates & details

Because all essential oils have shelf-lives, we also share when our essential oils were distilled. You can find distillation dates on the GC/MS reports for each oil. This information is important because the fresher your essential oils are, the more vibrant, potent and effective they will be!

We also offer details about where each oil was sourced and how it was produced. These details can impact essential oil chemistry, safety considerations and more!

essential oil production details

6. Small batch, single origin essential oils

Our owners nurture strong relationships with small-scale farmers, distillers, and producers around the world. Many of them have become our close friends!

These hard working people share our value for sustainability and take pride in their products. They follow traditional practices, honoring quality over profit.

We offer single-origin oils as a way of supporting their craft, tracking sustainability, and ensuring quality from plant to package.

essential oil origin

7. 100% organic or wildcrafted products

You deserve the highest-quality essential oils, free of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

All of our essential oils are guaranteed 100% pure: certified organic, organically crafted, or wildcrafted.


Certified organic: These plants have gone through official certification to verify that they’re grown with organic practices, without synthetic chemicals.

Organically grown: Certification isn’t available in some regions. In that case, the farmers devote themselves to traditional, natural, and organic practices.

Wildcrafted: These plants are harvested by hand in the wild. Harvesters always leave enough behind for future generations.

GC/MS tests guarantee that each oil has the ideal therapeutic profile for aromatherapy and is free from any unwanted synthetic substances that may cause safety issues.

8. Sustainable sourcing & eco-friendly business practices

In addition to working with distillers whose practices ensure the long-term health of essential oil producing plants, we minimize our impact by choosing eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging materials and eliminating single use plastics.

Learn more about ethical and sustainable aromatherapy

9. Course kit savings

Take advantage of fully stocked aromatherapy kits at bundled savings! We partner with the Aromahead Institute to offer course-specific kits that include all the supplies you’ll need to blend along with your aromatherapy course.

For example, we offer a complete Aromatherapy Certification Program kit that includes all the essential oils, carriers, and supplies covered in the course!

acp kit

No need to pause your studies while you hunt around for the purest and most affordable products, and wait for them to arrive. With our Aromahead course kits, everything you need for your aromatherapy education is already right there for you. And even better, each kit offers significant savings over buying all of the products individually.

10. Everything an aromatherapy student needs, all in one place!

In addition to high-quality essential oils, we have all kinds of other helpful supplies that professional aromatherapists count on! Like organic carrier oils and butters, hydrosols, beeswax, containers, diffusers, blending supplies and more.

Shop our carrier products, hydrosols and accessories!

Aromatics supports aromatherapy education

As aromatherapists, it’s our mission to support your educational journey in every way we can. The more people understand how to use essential oils for therapeutic purposes, the more aromatherapy’s reputation as a genuine complementary therapy grows. Education spreads awareness of safety, sustainability, and science. It’s the foundation of effective aromatherapy.

We partner with the Aromahead Institute, an industry-leading aromatherapy school that has helped thousands of students master the art and science of essential oils. Whether you are working towards professional aromatherapy certification or are just interested in how holistic aromatherapy can support a healthy lifestyle, Aromahead's online courses can help you reach an advanced level of understanding and, when you're ready, official accreditation.

Aromahead makes the study and therapeutic use of essential oils accessible and fun and Aromahead students receive discounts on their course supplies at Aromatics International! Check out Aromahead’s course catalog and consider taking aromatherapy courses to expand your essential oil knowledge and skills!

Aromahead even has an aromatherapy program that can help you become a registered aromatherapist, which could lead you to an aromatherapy career!

Thank you for being part of this growing movement! We’re here to support and supply your journey.

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