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Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is that gorgeous, deliciously universal spice used in culinary delights across cultures. Whether it is in food or drink, or used as an essential oil, Ginger has a very energetic and yet, warming personality that many of us have come to love and adore!

This perennial herb with reed-like stems thrives in tropical climates with vibrantly colored flowers. Organically crafted ginger essential oil is produced using steam distillation from carefully harvested plant rhizomes. This oil has a gorgeous middle note aromatic profile that is very radiant, warm, and spicy! Remember those times when you were a child and unfortunate enough to catch a stomach bug? In so many households, ginger ale was or is a staple in making sour tummies feel better. In a similar fashion, ginger essential oil is quite often a go-to in the aromatherapy toolkit when looking to improve digestive issues and ease nausea. And, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, and those extra pieces of pie just waiting for plates, ginger essential oil is a must to have on hand! Ginger essential oil, along with being an incredible digestive aid helps soothe sore joints and muscles, working to help calm muscle spasms, and encourage warmth and circulation during these colder months. When feeling tired and burnt out, it may assist in making us feel energized and motivated.

Here at Aromatics International, some of our favorite ways to use ginger essential oil are in an inhaler, a topical blend, and in a diffuser. When using topically in a blend, make sure you accompany it with skin nourishing oils and carriers as it can cause sensitivity if the dilution is above 1%. For an inhaler, a little goes a long way, so start off with only a drop or two as it can be slightly irritating to the mucous membranes. For more information on our amazing ginger essential oil, click here for the product description.

For all of you that like to play in the snow, or easily get cold feet, here is a recipe formulated for you:

Recipe: Warm up Those Feet

Directions: Blend the essential oils in the carrier of your choice, such as unscented lotion. Massage on to feet. Enjoy!

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