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Women Founded, Family Owned & Operated

Over 20 years ago Aromatics International was founded to provide the highest therapeutic oils to aromatherapy students who needed essential oils with maximum transparency to create blends that were both aromatically vibrant but also therapeutically effective. We continue this tradition to this day and are thrilled to be a part of this blossoming community.

Welcome to Aromatics International

Did you know that you can view all distillation dates of your products before you purchase? We proudly offer a higher level of product transparency which in turn allows aromatherapists to provide the highest quality products for their customers, friends, and family. This is just one example of many on how we're here to support you in your pursuit of natural wellness by providing pure, sustainably sourced essential oils, natural aromatherapy products, and the resources you need to feel informed and confident.

Founded by Expert Aromatherapists

Karen - Co-Founder

Karen Williams, Co-Founder, RN., CA.

I worked as a registered nurse for more than 35-years and wanted to enrich my career by pursuing my passion for plant-based medicine and natural wellness. After decades of continued study, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the aromatherapy community.

As our Chief Executive, lead aromatherapist and product-sourcer, I am deeply proud to have the opportunity to work with small distillers around the world to offer high-quality, sustainable, organic, and wildcrafted products and share their benefits with our ever-growing community.

Cindy Black & Andrea Butje

Andrea Butje & Cindy Black, Founders

Andrea Butje and Cindy Black co-founded the Aromahead Institute, an internationally-recognized aromatherapy school. Through the course of their teaching, they discovered a need for a trusted source of pure, high-quality essential oils to support students in their studies, lives, and work. They traveled the world to see how small-scale producers care for their plants and observe their methods for extracting the highest-quality essential oils. They went on to co-found Aromatics International to connect these traditional, small-scale distillers with students and customers who share their appreciation for high-quality essential oils.

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We're here to support you in your pursuit of natural wellness by providing pure, sustainably sourced essential oils, natural aromatherapy products, and the resources you need to feel informed and confident.

Committed to Purity and Quality

When it comes to your wellness, trust is key. You need to know that the products you're using are safe, effective, and high-quality. To ensure purity and safety for our family, friends, and customers, we complete GC/MS tests for each essential oil we sell. GC/MS tests provide a precise breakdown of chemical components found within a substance, including their percentages. Third-party chemists interpret the test reports and validate the quality of our products before they are made available for sale. We share these batch-specific test reports and chemical family details on the essential oil pages of our website so that you can see the details for yourself.

Mindful Sustainability

We're deeply invested in protecting our planet on our own farm as well with farmers world-wide. We work to support distillers who focus on sustainable practices through organic farming or wildcrafting with respect for natural cycles and future seasons. We also look for ways to reduce our own impact, using 99% sustainable packaging, recycled materials, and plant-based inks.

Customer Focused

Do you have questions? We hope so! We love helping our customers learn about natural wellness. All of our customer service team members are Certified Aromatherapists so they can act as a true resource to answer nearly any question about our products and how to use them. We invite a conversation with you by including space for reviews and questions throughout our website. And we prioritize responding with the information you need when you take the time to share your feedback, ask a question, or pick up the phone.

Free online course

Rooted in Education

We understand that the world of essential oils and natural wellness can feel overwhelming, especially to a beginner. In addition to providing the highest quality products, we're here to help you learn to use them safely, with comfort and confidence. Our connection to the Aromahead institute means that we have access to a wealth of resources that are based on the latest research and science.

If you want to learn more I've created a really fun FREE course on How to Blend Essential Oils. I hope you enjoy.

Meet our team

We're a family-owned and operated business with a growing team of people who share our dedication to support natural wellness for all.

Karen - Co-Founder

Karen Williams, Certified Aromatherapist, RN.

Co-Founder, Chief Executive, Sourcing

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams, Certified Aromatherapist, M.Ed.

Educator & Content Creator

Amelia Zenk, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Esthetician

Customer Support Manager

Larry Williams, Certified Aromatherapist

Warehouse Director, Farm Director

Jaren Williams

Jaren Williams, Masters in Economics


Devin Williams

Devin Williams

Director of Marketing


Sandra Hillmon

Warehouse Team Leader