Unlock the Hidden Power of Expired Essential Oils!

It's time to change the way you think about expired essential oils. We believe in the untapped potential of these seemingly expired oils and want to show you how to give them a new lease on life. Don't let your expired oils go to waste – repurpose them and unlock their hidden power!

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DIY Cleaning Recipe Inspiration

Don't let expired oils go to waste! Transform your cleaning routine by substituting recommended oils in DIY cleaning recipes with your expired collection. Enjoy a customized and eco-friendly approach to keeping your home fresh and sparkling.

  • Sweet Bandits Surface Spray

    Purify your household surfaces with blend of essential oils in a base of sweet grass hydrosol.

  • Citrus Cleaning Spray

    Leave your surfaces sparkly clean with this bright and cheery blend featuring lime oil & other citruses.

  • Healthy Thyme Room Spray

    Purify your space with this minty, spicy room and linen spray featuring thyme ct thymol oil.


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