Two in one: the Natural Living+ Kit

All the products for two courses, in one convenient kit! Get everything you need to complete Aromahead's Aromatherapy for Natural Living AND Body Butters & Lip Balms courses!

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Get every product you need for BOTH classes in one convenient package!

Your combined kit includes all you need to make the recipes in both Aromatherapy for Natural Living AND Body Butters and Lip Balms! That's dozens of recipes for natural cleaning products, decadent body butters, and safe blends for children.

All of our products are 100% pure, therapeutic quality to help you live an all-natural lifestyle and achieve your health and wellness goals.

"I recently enrolled in the Natural Living and Body Butters and Lip Balms courses. I reviewed the supplies I needed and found that the discounted kits actually saved me money. I was so excited when I received my order, and am now inspired to complete the courses and make gifts for my friends and family. Guess what they are getting for Christmas! The courses are easy to understand and comprehend, and recipes are divine."

- Eileen Y.

"Opening my boxes for the first time was exciting. I was very pleased by the eco friendly packaging and also the products received. The EOs smelled amazing and fresh which is what I expect from a pure product. The tools of the trade were quality items and that’s what I want. So, I was very happy with my purchase and look forward to a good relationship with the company in the future. Thanks for the awesomeness!"

- Tracy R.

"I am very impressed with the amount of the items were included with the kit! Thanks Karen for creating kits and save my tons of hours to search all over the place! Now I can simply following the class and take out the items mentioned in the DIY section at ease, also I am making all DIY for the coming holiday gifts options so these bottles and jars just come in perfectly!"

-Mags C.

What sets our kit apart

As a student of aromatherapy, you should be able to focus on your education and not have to worry about where to get the highest quality products.

That's why we've partnered with our friends at the Aromahead Institute to get you the products you need (and none that you don't!) to complete BOTH of your courses!

Plus, we only offer the highest quality products available, so you can trust they'll help support your all-natural lifestyle.

Our products are made for you

Made for Aromahead students

We worked directly with our friends at the Aromahead Institute to curate this kit. It has everything you need to complete their Natural Living Kit.

100% pure, therapeutic quality products

We source only certified organic or organically grown products from small-scale producers world-wide. Plus, all of our products are tested for purity.

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We now offer interest-free payment plans through Klarna. This makes our kits more accessible for everyone with a simple, 4-installment payment plan.

Natural Living Kit+ Contents


  1. Black Spruce Oil
    Picea mariana
  2. Cedarwood (Indian) Oil
    Cedrus deodara
  3. Chamomile Roman Oil
    Chamaemelum nobile
  4. Clary Sage Oil
    Salvia sclarea
  5. Eucalyptus Radiata Oil
    Eucalyptus radiata
  6. Frankincense Oil
    Boswellia carterii
  7. Geranium Oil
    Pelargonium graveolens var roseum
  8. Ginger Oil
    Zingiber officinale
  9. Juniper Berry Oil
    Juniperus communis
  1. Lavender Oil
    Lavandula angustifolia
  2. Lemon Oil
    Citrus limon
  3. Lemongrass Oil
    Cymbopogon citratus ct rhodinol
  4. Lime Oil
    Citrus aurantifolia
  5. Mandarin (Green) Oil
    Citrus reticulata
  6. Patchouli Oil
    Pogostemom cablin
  7. Peppermint Oil
    Mentha x piperita
  8. Tea Tree Oil
    Melaleuca alternifolia
  9. Ylang Ylang (Complete Oil)
    Cananga odorata var. Genuina


  1. Calendula Hydrosol
    Calendula officinalis
  2. Lavender Hydrosol
    Lavandula angustifolia
  1. German Chamomile Hydrosol
    Matricaria recutita
  2. Peppermint Hydrosol
    Mentha x piperita


  1. Aloe Vera Gel
    Aloe barbadensis
    8 fl oz
  2. Avocado Oil
    Persea gratissima
    4 fl oz
  3. Baobab Seed Oil
    Adansonia digitata
    4 fl oz
  4. Beeswax Pellets
    Cera flava
    16 oz
  5. Castile Soap
    8 fl oz
  6. Castile Soap
    16 fl oz
  7. Cocoa Butter
    Theobroma cacao
    16 oz
  8. Coconut Oil
    Cocos nucifera
    30 oz
  9. French Green Clay
    8 fl oz
  10. Hemp Seed Oil
    Cannabis sativa
    8 fl oz
  11. Jojoba Oil
    Simmondsia chinensis
    2 - 16 fl oz
  1. Kombo Butter
    Pycanthus anglensis
    4 oz
  2. Kpangnan Butter
    Pentadesma butyracea
    2 - 4 oz
  3. Marula Oil
    Selerocarya birrea
    4 fl oz
  4. Palm Kernel Oil
    Elaeis guineensis
    8 oz
  5. Pink Himalayan Salt
    Small grain
    24 oz
  6. Shea Butter
    Vitellaria paradoxa/ Butyrospermum parkii
    16 oz
  7. Solubol Dispersant
    1 fl oz
  8. Tamanu OilCalophyllum inophyllum
    1 fl oz
  9. Trauma Oil
    2 - 4 fl oz
  10. Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil
    4 fl oz
  11. White Kaolin Clay
    16 fl oz


  1. Aluminum Lip Balm Tins
    30 ml (1 oz)
    8 count
  2. Blank Inhalers
    8 count
  3. Glass Bottles w/ Cap
    30 ml (1 fl oz)

    8 count
  4. Glass Bottles w/Orifice Reducers

    8 count
  5. Glass Jars w/Lids
    30 ml (1 oz)

    12 count
  6. Glass Jars w/Lids
    60 ml (2 oz)

    12 count
  7. Glass Stir Rods
    12 count
  8. Lip Balm Tube Tray
    1 count
  9. Lip Balm Tubes
    24 count
  10. Lotion Bar Tubes w/ Lid
    4 count
  1. PET Bottles w /Foamer Caps
    50 ml (1.7 fl oz)

    4 count
  2. PET Bottles w /Foamer Caps
    250 ml (8.45 fl oz)

    4 count
  3. PET Bottles w/Pop-up Caps
    30 ml (1 fl oz)

    4 count
  4. PET Bottles w/Pop-up Caps
    60 ml (2 fl oz)

    4 count
  5. PET Bottles w/ Spray Caps
    60 ml (2 fl oz)

    8 count
  6. PET Bottles w/ Spray Caps
    120 ml (4 fl oz)

    4 count
  7. PET Jars w/ Lids
    240 ml (8 fl oz)

    8 count
  8. PET Jars w/ Lids
    480 ml (16 fl oz)

    4 count
  9. PET Jars w/Lids
    120 ml (4 oz)

    4 count
  10. Plastic Deodorant Tubes w/ Lid
    12 count
  11. Plastic Pipettes
    48 count

Please note: The purchase of this kit does not include enrollment to the Aromahead Institute's Aromatherapy for Natural Living or Body Butter's and Lip Balms courses.

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