Sustainable St. John’s wort infusion

Release tension from your body and mind with a wildcrafted herb famed for its mood-boosting properties.
Sustainable St. John’s wort infusion

Sustainable St. John’s wort infusion

When our co-owner Karen Williams noticed patches of St. John’s wort growing wild all over the state of Montana, she dreamed of the Aromatics Team making our own wildcrafted, organic St. John’s wort infused oil.

That dream has become a reality!

What is St. John’s wort?

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an herb that’s famous for inspiring happiness!

Traditionally used to lift the mind and heart out of chronic low energy and sadness, St. John’s wort has also been shown to release physical stress from the body. An important ally after a distressing incident that causes damage or emotional trauma, St. John’s wort can help soothe sore areas, and guide the body, heart, and mind to a reassured, optimistic state.

Aromatics’ St. John’s wort infused oil

Aromatic's International's St. John's Wort infused oil

Despite it’s healing properties, St. John’s wort is considered an invasive weed.

Though it grows all over Montana, we don’t intentionally plant fields of it. And it’s not easy to find a large growing patch… unless you know where to look!

Our ears are always open, listening for hints that St. John’s wort might be growing nearby.

When we get word that it grows in a specific area, our farmer Larry Williams hops in his truck and drives out to look for it. Sometimes the lead pays off, and he finds St. John’s wort… and sometimes the lead is a “dead end!”

Larry said…

“There were many times when I spotted yellow flowers in the distance and hiked out to it, only to find
it wasn’t St. John’s wort. It was one of the many other species of yellow wildflowers in Montana.”

Finding a consistent source of St. John’s wort was a time-consuming process.

Finally, Larry learned of a patch of St. John’s wort growing on a local farmer’s land, not too far from Aromatics’ headquarters. Sure enough, it was the real deal!

The farmer practices organic farming, and is happy for our team to come in and harvest the St. John’s wort. (It’s a “weed” to him.) After our harvest, we always make a big organic gift basket for the farmer and his wife.

Our farmer friend’s land is one of our favorite places to wildcraft St. John’s wort. Every harvest season, big smiles take over our faces. Our team members venture out to the farm to hand-gather the blossoms, misting each with a pure alcohol blend to release more of their nourishing component, hypericin.

spraying st. john's wort with alcoholhypericin gives st. john's wort a red color

After the alcohol evaporates, we load the flowers into glass jars and cover them with organic, extra-virgin olive oil… right there at the harvest site!

Thanks to the released hypericin, the infusion takes on a rich, garnet-red color. That’s how we know our St. John's wort infused olive oil is ready.

Our eyes are always peeled for more sources of wild, organic St. John’s wort.

And now, Larry has a drone. Instead of hiking for miles only to be disappointed that the yellow flowers are a different species, he sends his drone to check things out first!

What is wildcrafting?

wildcrafting St. John's Wort infused oil

Wildcrafting means harvesting a plant found growing in the wild, letting nature take the lead!

The plant’s natural growing cycles and environment are honored. These plants are uncultivated, flourishing in pristine areas that are usually untouched by the “modern world.” No pesticides, herbicides, or other sprays are used.

When our team ventures into nature to gather wild plants by hand, we’re taking part in a method of harvesting that has been used for millennia, long before humanity developed agriculture and learned to cultivate plants.

Benefits and uses of St. John’s wort infused oil

St. John’s wort is a friend when you’re feeling down. Use this infusion for massage to get positive energy flowing, then breathe, smile, and know you’re supported.

You can also add essential oils to our St. John’s wort infusion. Make a body oil to relieve discomfort as you recover from a minor physical issue, or create a firm salve to soothe small areas of damaged, irritated, or bruised skin. A St. John’s wort body oil can also protect your health when you feel under the weather. Use it to strengthen immunity and encourage your body’s quick return to vitality.

St. John’s wort infused oil recipes

Sustainable St. John’s wort infusion

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