Linden Blossom CO2 Oil

Tilia cordata
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Certified Organic


6 years

Middle, Top



Linden blossom’s aroma is complex—warm, sensual, and sweet, with hints of spice and honey. Natural perfumers covet it for its scent's beauty and the way it helps calm and center the heart. Like other exotic floral oils, linden blossom is also ideal for skincare products. Our linden blossom CO2 oil is a select extract (like a liquid version of the complete plant) and is water soluble… making it easy to blend in water-based carriers. It’s produced from the delicate yellow blossoms of certified organic trees in Bulgaria.
Suggested Uses

Mood - Calm

Linden blossom oil seems to melt cares away. Add a few drops to a bedtime bath salt, and relax in the warm water.

Relax - Stress

Make linden blossom perfume oil that helps you feel centered, grounded, and self-assured on busy days (… and smells amazing!)

Complexion - Skincare

Condition your pores with a linden blossom CO2 facial toner—blend it into water and aloe vera gel.

Product Properties


Plant Part



Certified Organic

Chemical Families



Botanical Families


Extraction Method


Therapeutic Properties







Exotic and Sensual


Warm and Radiant


Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life

6 years

Safety & Warnings

No known safety issues. Might cause low blood pressure.


All essential oils at Aromatics International are GC/MS tested. This ensures that we sell oils with the highest possible integrity for therapeutic use. Learn more about GC/MS reports here.

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