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Foaming Shave Oil Kit

Getting a smooth shave without harmful ingredients shouldn’t be too much to ask. Make this all-natural DIY Foaming Shave Oil to protect your skin, get a close shave, and smell oh-so-manly!
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Benefits and uses

This easy-to-follow aftershave recipe makes it simple to be a true Renaissance man!

Avocado and marula oils create a skin-nourishing base, and the castile soap helps the blend lather up nicely.

The essential oils help calm irritation and protect nicked skin:

  • Frankincense Oil: A rich, resinous oil. A good ally for damaged skin.
  • Lavender Oil: Supports calm & healthy skin (and even chills you out!)
  • Rosemary ct Camphor Oil: Fresh and herbal, great for protecting small cuts!

This DIY aftershave also includes vegetable glycerin—a humectant that helps your skin retain moisture throughout the day.

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This recipe kit makes 1 - 250 ml bottle (8.45 oz.) of Foaming Shave Oil and includes:

  1. 8 oz. of Castile Soap
  2. 8 oz. of Vegetable Glycerin
  3. 4 oz. of Avocado Oil
  4. 4 oz. of Marula Oil
  5. 5ml Frankincense Oil
  6. 5ml Lavender Oil
  7. 5ml Rosemary ct. Camphor Oil
  8. 1 - 250ml PET Bottle w/Foamer Cap
  9. Foaming Shave Oil Recipe Card 

Note: Each bundle comes with a printed recipe card; a wonderful addition to your own aromatherapy collection or to give as a gift!

*Razor not included.

Foaming Shave Oil Recipe

A high-quality shave oil lets you see what you’re shaving, softens the beard, allows the razor to glide smoothly, protects the skin, and reduces chances of small cuts getting infected. This recipe accomplishes all of that—naturally!



  1. Add the Castile Soap, Avocado Oil, Marula Oil, and Vegetable Glycerin into an empty 250 ml bottle with a foamer cap.
  2. Drop the essential oils into the oil mixture. 
  3. Cap the bottle and roll gently to blend.
  4. Apply to your face shave as normal. 

Note: Gently shake the bottle before each use to keep the blend well incorporated. It's normal for the blend to separate between uses. 

Pro Tip: Pair this foaming shave oil with our Frankincense Aftershave Kit for an all-natural shave routine.

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