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Frankincense Aftershave Kit

Refreshing aloe, resinous myrrh, and two kinds of frankincense team up in this DIY aftershave. The mess-free spray bottle makes application quick and simple.

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Benefits and uses

Avoiding aftershaves that cause a sting and contain harsh ingredients is easy—all you need are aloe, frankincense, and myrrh.

This DIY Frankincense Aftershave naturally cools and refreshes.

The recipe kit includes:

  • Frankincense Hydrosol: Helps tone and condition skin texture
  • Aloe Vera Gel: Soothes skin irritation and reduces inflammation
  • Myrrh Oil: Spicy with serious skin healing properties
  • Frankincense Frereana Oil: Earthy, musky, and skin protective

These ingredients also help calm irritation and protect small nicks and cuts from becoming bigger problems—important qualities in a good aftershave.

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This recipe kit makes 2 - 4 oz. bottles of Frankincense Aftershave and includes:

  1. 100 ml Frankincense Hydrosol
  2. 5ml Frankincense Frereana Oil
  3. 5ml Myrrh Oil
  4. 4 oz. Aloe Vera Gel
  5. 2 x 4 oz. PET Bottles w/Spray Caps
  6. Frankincense Aftershave Recipe Card 

Note: Each bundle comes with a printed recipe card; a wonderful addition to your own aromatherapy collection or to give as a gift!

*Razor not included.

Frankincense Aftershave Recipe

Soothe and refresh your face after a close shave with this Frankincense aftershave bursting with two varieties of Frankincense blended in a base of aloe vera gel.


  • 2 oz. of Frankincense Hydrosol
  • 1 oz. of Aloe Vera Gel
  • 6 drops of Myrrh Oil
  • 3 drops of Frankincense Frereana Oil
  • 1 - 4 oz. PET Bottle w/Spray Cap


  1. Add 2 oz. of Frankincense Hydrosol to an empty 4 oz. Bottle w/Spray Cap. 
  2. Combine 1 oz. of Aloe Vera Gel with the hydrosol.
  3. Drop in the essential oils and cap the bottle. 
  4. Spray away after a close shave!

Note: Gently roll the bottle before each use to ensure the aftershave stays well blended. Be aware the 4 oz. spray bottle will not be entirely full, this is due to the dilution of this blend. Try making two bottles worth and combine into one - if you want a truly full bottle.

Pro Tip: Pair this aftershave with our Foaming Shave Oil Kit for an all-natural shave routine.

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