Essential Oil

Guava Leaf Oil

Psidium guajava

The complex aroma of guava leaf essential oil is at once citrusy, spicy, and penetrating—with woodsy notes. The scent inspires self-assurance, and helps usher cycles of stressful thoughts out of the mind. Guava leaf oil likes to keep things settled—making it a great belly oil! Use it after trying new cuisine, to feel steady when traveling, and for a wide variety of other belly blends. Our wildcrafted guava leaf essential oil is steam distilled from leaves of wild guava fruit trees in the rainforests of Thailand.

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Benefits and uses

The rich green, waxy leaves of the Psidium guajava evergreen tree create a complex, woodsy, spicy, sweet, warm, citrusy, slightly almond-like essential oil. Along with helping during times of weightier digestive distress, guava leaf essential oil is welcome during cold and flu season, as it can help reduce the presence of unwanted microbial activity. 

Also known as apple guava essential oil, guava leaf oil is used to help reduce occassional painful area. Studies have concluded that guava leaf essential oil is very active against Staphylococcus aureus, thus making up valuable potential sources of new antimicrobial compounds. More recent studies show that this essential oil helps with supporting healthy breathing.  (see resource references below).

Emotionally and energetically, guava leaf essential oil calms and grounds. This essential oil helps to decrease situational anxiety and depression and works to boost overall outlook and mood.

Plant Part
  • Leaves
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • MiddleTop
Chemical Families
  • Monoterpenes
  • Oxides
  • Sesquiterpenes
  • Citrus
  • Exotic and Sensual
  • Sweet
  • Warm and Radiant
  • Woodsy
  • Antibacterial activity of GUAVA, Psidium guajava Linnaeus, leaf extracts on diarrhea-causing enteric bacteria isolated from Seabob shrimp, Xiphopenaeus kroyeri (Heller).
  • B. Joseph and R.M. Priya, 2011. Phytochemical and Biopharmaceutical Aspects of Psidium guajava (L.) Essential Oil: A Review.Research Journal of Medicinal Plant, 5: 432-442.
  • Ashour, Mohamed, Ahmady, Sherweit H., Wink, Michael. The Journal of Essential Oil Research, March 2013. Chemical composition and anti-inflammatory activity of the essential oils of Psidium guamava frjits and leaves.
Shelf Life

8 years

Safety & Warnings

May have cardiac depressant properties and should be used with caution for those on heart medications. May lower blood sugar levels.

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