Essential Oil

Wintergreen Oil

Gaultheria fragrantissima

Crisp and refreshing, wintergreen essential oil’s aroma is sweet and minty! This cooling oil is a potent choice for muscles and joints—just a few drops can help ease acutely sore spots and unravel knots of tension. Our wildcrafted wintergreen essential oil is steam distilled from the deep green leaves of small shrubs in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Due to its powerful natural components, wintergreen oil should be used at a low drop count, and only for short periods of time. Choose another oil if you have dogs or cats.

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Benefits and uses

The deep green, minty leaves of the evergreen Gaultheria fragmentissima wall shrub create a fresh, sweet, minty essential oil. Along with helping to relieve pain and inflammation, wintergreen essential oil is an incredible support when looking to ease unwanted muscle spasms.  Wintergreen essential oil is also excellent for supporting healthy lung activity, especially if one is congested from a cold or the flu. This essential oil can help reduce unwanted water retention and has astringent properties, as well. Wintergreen essential oil is exceptionally powerful. Only use this oil in small amounts and for short durations. Please read the safety info for this essential oil in great detail before use. Wintergreen is also toxic to both dogs and cats, so use caution when using around your pets.

Emotionally and energetically, wintergreen essential oil revitalizes. It is perfect for helping to encourage forgiveness and help promote self-acceptance.

Plant Part
  • Leaves
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • Middle-top
Chemical Families
  • Esters
  • Fresh
  • Minty
  • Sweet
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  • Tisserand, Robert. Young, Rodney. Essenential Oil Safety. New York: Churchill Livingston. 2014 2nd edition. 
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Shelf Life

7 years

Safety & Warnings

Wintergreen is an oil to be used with caution and experience in small amounts and for short periods of time on a small area of the body. According to Robert Tisserand it is contraindicated if taking anticoagulant medication, having major surgery,  and all other bleeding disorders. Should not be used if pregnant, breastfeeding and not to be used with children due to possible risk of developing Reye's syndrome. Do not use if there is a salicylate sensitivity or ADD/ADHD. Not to be used orally if a history of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Numerous cases of salicylate poisoning have been reported. Maximum dermal use level: 2.4% - Only use on intact skin. (unbroken skin)

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