Using essential oils to boost your mood

Don’t skip one of the most important parts of natural stress relief: cultivating joy!

The more you can keep your mood up, the less room stress has to settle into your mind and body. But for many people who struggle with stress, the question is . . . how do you keep your mood up?

Bringing more happiness into your life is going to look different for everyone. That said, there are a few tried-and-true ways to practice the art of joy.

Countless studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins that make us less susceptible to feeling pain and more open to joy. If you need a little support sticking to an exercise routine, essential oils can help. Discover our top 10 essential oils for exercise and how to use them!

Other studies have found that simply laughing with friends can increase the flow of endorphins through your body!

Aromatherapy also brings a lot of happiness! Schedule some regular time to work with essential oils. Making blends for yourself and others is a joy unto itself, and your blends can bring a big smile to someone’s face—which can brighten your own smile as well!

More ways to cultivate joy include taking the time to get a massage, listening to beautiful music, playing with children or pets, spending quality time with people you love, eating delicious and healthy food, and having fun with your hobbies.

ways to cultivate joy

Essential oils can give you a big nudge in a positive direction!

The next chapter introduces you to 10 essential oils and 6 recipes to boost your mood and energy levels. You can use them daily to:

  • Calm hot, “angry” emotions
  • Comfort head tension
  • Ease anxious feelings
  • Feel energized in the morning
  • Get motivated to exercise
  • Massage sore muscles
  • Stay productive at work
  • Support digestion

stay productive at work

Because stress can be sneaky, distracting your mind away from what makes you happy, you can also use essential oils to sharpen and focus your attention, so it’s easier to stay present with joy.

Aromatics Wellness Categories: Mood & Energy

In addition to the products and recipes in the next chapter, you can find more solutions for boosting your mood by browsing our Wellness Categories.

Start with our Mood category. It’s organized into subcategories of Optimism, Calm, and Love. Just like for the Relax category, these subcategories are flexible.


Then ignite your spark for life with our Energy Wellness Category!


Remember, the Wellness Categories are meant to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Use them as a starting point to get creative!


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