Ready-made stress relief blends

Too stressed to make your own products? We’ve got you covered with this list of ready-to-use blends.
Ready-made stress relief blends

Ready-made stress relief blends

If you’re stressed, you might not have the time or energy to make your own aromatherapy blends. Or maybe you’re new to essential oils, and making therapeutic blends feels challenging.

We’ve got you covered!

These 10 blends are crafted by Aromatics International’s team of Certified Aromatherapists. They come in ready-to-use roll-on bottles so you can use them on the go. You can also get them in 10 ml dropper bottles and use them in your diffuser, or add a few drops to any body care product you like.

10 Ready-made blends for stress relief 

1. Catching Zzz's Blend 

One of our top-selling blends! Roll on this warm, sensual, exotic blend as you tuck yourself into bed. It can help you get more restful sleep.

2. Tranquil Mind Blend

Tranquil Mind is your bottle of quiet composure. Roman chamomile, lavender, and orange (wild) oils dance together in this mentally calming blend. 

3. Focus Blend

Sharpen your attention and increase your productivity with our fresh, minty, fruity Focus blend! Roll it on to avoid distractions and complete projects in record time. 

4. Sunshine Blend

Feeling down? Sunshine combines five citrus oils for a d-limonene-rich blend that can break up clouds of negativity with rays of light and optimism. 

5. Tum-Ease Blend

Ginger oil stars in our popular Tum Ease blend. Massage it into your belly to soothe queasy feelings, spasms, or stress-related tension. 

6. Ignite Blend 

Spark your inspiration with this invigorating blend of rosemary, peppermint, and two more energizing oils. Roll it on to get your creativity flowing! 

7. Healing Heart Blend

Healing Heart is your companion through heartache and grief. Neroli and frankincense oils bring peace to your spirit and help you find the beauty in life once again.

8. Carefree Blend 

Turn any place into your happy place! In Carefree, warm citruses layer with grounding patchouli and heart-opening neroli to release cycles of worry and doubt. 

9. Yin Yang Tonic Blend

With yarrow, patchouli, and two citrus oils, Yin Yang Tonic helps your heart let go of pent-up negative emotions. Use it to balance your energy and clarify your inner light. 

10. Citrus Zen Blend

Settle in for a peaceful meditation session with this gorgeous blend of sandalwood and orange. Citrus Zen helps center your mind and expand your awareness. 

Find what works for you!

While we have plenty of research that shows which oils may help with managing stress, it’s good to remember that aromatherapy isn’t “one size fits all.”

Feel free to try a few different essential oils and recipes until you know what works for you. You may want to layer your approach, using several blends throughout your day so you get the benefit of a wider variety of stress-soothing oils.

Managing stress is a commitment to yourself and your happiness. You can do it!

If you have questions about managing stress with essential oils that weren’t answered in this guide, just email us! Our workshop may be in the mountains of Montana, but we’re right here to answer your questions.

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Ready-made stress relief blends

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