Kids face a lot of challenges as they go back to school! Even if they’re excited about going back, the changes can be stressful.

Younger children might struggle with separation anxiety, and need support adjusting to a new place with new people. It can be tough for them!

Even older kids go through stress as they go back to school. It might mean a different schedule, changing bedtimes, being surrounded by new people (and new germs!), spending time in new environments, and taking on more responsibilities.

In this post, you’ll learn five of our favorite essential oils and recipes for back to school, so kids can feel centered, supported, and healthy. These recipes are safe for kids and easy to use!

5 Ways to use essential oils for back to school

1. Attention & Focus

An essential oil back-to-school blend for mental focus can help kids in the classroom and during homework or study sessions. We all need a little help focusing sometimes!

Try Juniper Berry Oil in our DIY Zero-In Focus Inhaler.

2. Sleep Well

When kids get enough sleep, they’re more likely to stay mentally and emotionally centered. It also helps them perform at their best in the classroom (and any sports they take part in).

Try Cedarwood Atlas Oil in this Kids Sweet Dreams Diffuser Blend.

3. Soothe Emotions

Going back to school can bring up emotional stress. Some kids feel pressure to perform well, or have a lot of responsibilities to balance. Even the change of schedule and environments can be overwhelming. Essential oils can help!

Frankincense has a calming presence in this Kids Smile Inhaler recipe.

4. Stay Healthy

Some people describe schools as “germ centers.” Essential oils blends for back to school can help reduce the impact of germs and encourage strong immunity.

Orange (Sweet) Oil helps kids stay healthy in this DIY Kids Immune Support Inhaler.

5. Hand Cleanser

This is a must-have blend for back to school! Hand cleansers made with aloe vera and essential oils are effective and natural.

Try Lavender Oil in this recipe for Kids Go Away Dirt Hand Gel.

Essential Oil Safety

These blends are fun to make with kids!

And they’re safe when used as directed. If you decide to substitute different essential oils, be sure not to use phototoxic essential oils in topical blends, so you can avoid skin reactions in sunlight. Learn which oils are phototoxic.

Have fun getting back into the rhythm of the school year!

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August 10, 2020 — Karen Williams