Top 10 Essential Oil Gifts for the Holidays

Discover creative DIYs & aromatherapy gift ideas for everyone on your list!
Top 10 Essential Oil Gifts for the Holidays

Homemade essential oil gifts are always popular for the holidays! Especially when they’re certified organic, organically crafted, or wildcrafted . . . and they arrive in beautiful sustainable packaging.

Some of our holiday gatherings will understandably be limited this year. We may not be able to spend as much time with friends and family as we’d like. Giving essential oil gifts to support a friend’s specific needs is a heartfelt way to show them you care, even if you can’t be physically side by side.

Not sure what to give? Get inspired with this list of our top 10 essential oil gifts for the holidays.

Top 10 essential oil gifts for the holidays

These are some of our most popular products and recipes. You’ll find something for every essential oil lover on your list—whether you want to make the perfect gift yourself, or find something that’s already made with love.

DIY recipes make great gifts!

1. Tantalizing Room Spray

Made in a base of purifying alcohol, this popular DIY recipe includes an enchanting combination of bergamot, tea tree, and sweet basil essential oils. Misting it around the room helps to reduce airborne threats and creates a fruity, spicy, fresh scent!

2. Lavender Linen Spray

Give the gift of relaxation! Your friend can mist their linens with this DIY aromatic blend of lavender, lemon, and thyme to give them a crisp, soothing scent. This essential oil gift helps to calm the nerves, creating a sense of serene optimism.

3. Citrus Cleaning Spray

Help a friend get harsh cleaners out of their home! Make them this DIY household surface cleaner with four fruity citrus oils dancing in a base of strong alcohol. The alcohol reduces germs, while the citrus oils fill the room with light, cheery scent. (You might want to make one of these for yourself, too!)

No time for handmade? Try ready-made blends


ready made blends

4. Catching Zzz’s

Help someone get better sleep with our top-selling blend, Catching Zzz’s. Emotionally soothing floral essential oils help the body and mind relax, dissolving tension and inviting true rest. Handcrafted here in Montana, Catching Zzz’s is available as a roll-on or in a 10 ml dropper bottle.

5. Breathe Clear Blend

Don’t want to make a handmade essential oil gift yourself, but still want to give a thoughtful, organic blend? Share Breathe Clear with someone special in your life. We handcrafted it ourselves with eucalyptus, ravintsara, and tea tree to open the breath. Get it as a roll-on or 10 ml dropper bottle.

Popular aromatherapy sets


lavender duo set

6. Lavender Artisan Essential Oil & Hydrosol Duo

Do you know a lavender aficionado? Research proves that lavender helps to soothe and restore the body and mind. At Aromatics, we distill our own certified organic, artisan lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol. Give someone on your list a duo of this versatile essential oil and hydrosol mist.

7. Loose Resin DIY Incense Set

There’s something mystical and timeless about burning loose incense. Give the aromatherapy lover in your life raw frankincense resin and a beautiful way to safely burn it: placing white ash in a handmade Raku diffuser, and topping it with a tab of natural bamboo charcoal. Sprinkle the resin onto the charcoal, and enjoy the spirit-soothing scent of the protective smoke.

New to burning resin as incense? See how simple and beautiful the process is!

8. Conifer Oil Trio

Good things come in threes! Lift a friend’s spirits with a trio of foresty conifer essential oils. Conifer oils can help open your breath, boost immunity, and purify your home. (And they smell like the holidays!) Three of our favorites include cedarwood, black spruce, and Douglas fir. With 16 conifers to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect trio.

Aromatherapy staples


aromatherapy staples

9. The Heart of Aromatherapy

Can’t decide which recipe to make as an aromatherapy gift? Give an entire book of recipes! Written by renowned aromatherapist Andrea Butje (co-founder of Aromahead Institute), this warm, creative book contains over 100 recipes, 40 essential oil profiles, and a fun, story-like presentation to help readers deeply understand each oil.

10. Aroma Glass Diffuser

Every aromatherapist needs an essential oil diffuser! The Aroma Glass Diffuser features LED lights, a wooden base with the Aromatics logo etched into it, and whisper quiet operation. It uses ultrasonic waves to vibrate tap water and essential oils into a fine mist, filling the air with scent. Diffusers are as unique as you are! Click here to view the entire collection.

Happy aromatic holidays!

We hope you find the perfect essential oil gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Some of our most popular DIY recipes are on this list, but our recipe library includes a collection of over 400 more! If you find a recipe you like, you can add all of the ingredients to your cart with one click.

All of our orders are hand-shipped with beautiful, sustainable packaging, which you can reuse to package your own holiday gifts.

And don’t forget to give yourself a little something this season, too. Essential oils can help you feel healthy and positive, so you stay in the holiday spirit and are better able to give to others.

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