Essential Oil

Black Spruce Oil

Picea mariana

Black spruce essential oil’s aroma is piney, woody, and fresh, with a touch of warm depth. Black spruce is a must-have for every cold-weather essential oil collection, as it can keep energy levels flowing, and protect health when germs come around. Inhale black spruce to help open the breath, or make a body oil to feel more like yourself during the day, and more rested at night. Our certified organic black spruce essential oil is steam distilled from the dark green needles of wild tress in the forests of Eastern Canada.

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Benefits and uses

The lush needles from the Picea mariana evergreen create a sweet, woodsy, resinous, slightly balsamic essential oil that is not only a potentially immense support for healthy lung function, but is often used when looking to reduce the presence of unwanted microbes and ease undesirable muscle spasms. Black spruce essential oil is also welcome when looking to reduce minor pain and inflammation and is often a much-appreciated element in a rejuvenating massage blend.

Emotionally and energetically, black spruce essential oil is emotionally revitalizing and can work to promote a stronger self-image and sense of personal identity. When facing difficult life challenges or situations, black spruce essential oil often has the capacity to help invite or provide forgiveness, depending on the circumstances.

Plant Part
  • Needles
Certified Organic
Botanical Family
Extraction Methods
Steam Distilled
  • MiddleTop
Chemical Families
  • Esters
  • Monoterpenes
  • Balsamic
  • Piney
  • Resinous
  • Sweet
  • Woodsy
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Shelf Life

4 years

Safety & Warnings
  • As long as the oil is fresh, there are no specific safety concerns for this oil. If the oil is old and oxidized it could be irritating to the skin.
  • Can be a respiratory irritant in some with air diffusion.
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