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black spruce essential oil


Application Method

Black Spruce Essential Oil - Essential Oil Recipes

New to Old

Release the Past Diffuser Blend

Release your worries and embrace the future!

Spruce & Spice Immune Health Lotion

Nourish your hands and body during the cold winter months!

Nurturing Chest Steam

Care for your chest with deep, comforting breaths of steam.

Adrenal Travel Support Lotion

Encourage healthy adrenal support.

Sinus Ease Inhaler

Minimize and soothe sinus discomfort caused by allergies.

Allergy Be Gone Inhaler

Helps minimize allergies by encouraging healthy breathing.

Joint Calm Oil

Encourage normal movement with this synergistic blend.

Tight Chest Relief Inhaler

Support healthy lungs and sinuses by opening up your airways.

Seasonal Allergy Inhaler

This beautiful blend is so helpful during the allergy season.

Woodsy Stiff Hand Lotion

This spicy, woodsy blend is perfect to help support normal ...

Burly Beard Oil

Everyone loves a well-groomed man!

Deodorant Spray

Refresh those underarms with this lovely deodorant spray re...


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