Small-scale harvest and distillation

Small batch production supports sustainability and quality.
Small-scale harvest and distillation

Small-scale harvest and distillation

We love supporting small-scale growers and producers who follow traditional practices. We build strong, ongoing relationships with our distillers so that we can understand their methods and sustain their livelihoods with fair wages.

We have consistently experienced the dedication that small-scale growers and distillers demonstrate for their craft. They stay involved and hands-on, pay careful attention to quality, and share a deep respect for the plants they work with. We invest in building long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our small-scale growers and distillers. We love sharing their stories and participating in their continued success.

Vetiver from India

We work with a distiller in India who creates a beautiful vetiver oil. Walking through his fields is like walking through an aromatic, flowing sea of grass. With its rich, earthy scent, vetiver has been used as a perfume and medicine in India since antiquity. To this day, the grass is woven into mats that are hung on doors to deter insects. Working with local farmers who make their living solely off the land, our distiller crafts oil from the roots of the vetiver plant using traditional processes and equipment. The farmers have great respect for the land and grow vetiver naturally without the use of pesticides, understanding that the more they care for the land, the more the land provides in return.

Vetiver Oilvetiver distillation

Helichrysum from Croatia

Our helichrysum distiller in Croatia creates wildcrafted essential oil in rhythm with nature. They work on the islands of Istria and Kvarner, surrounded by the beautiful azure waters of the Mediterranean, in vibrant, yellow fields of Helichrysum italicum. With a sweet, rosy scent reminiscent of honey, helichrysum is a profoundly healing plant that has been used as medicine since ancient Greece. The plant grows wild in this region, and our distiller’s field comes from originally wildcrafted seeds. Caring for these plants is a labor of love for local farmers. Using sustainable practices, they work together to care for the plants and the land. Their dedication to the health of their plants and the land shows up in the final product — a superior helichrysum essential oil.

Helichrysum producerHelichrysum distillation

Organic cultivation and wildcrafting in Montana

In addition to our work with growers and distillers across the globe, we wildcraft and cultivate plants like lavender and arnica near our home in the beautiful mountains of Montana. Caring for plants first-hand gives us tremendous respect for the importance of sustainability and an appreciation for our community of small-scale growers and distillers.

Lavender harvest

We have many other stories and videos that allow our customers to see behind the scenes and understand our harvesting practices and the beautiful work of our partners around the globe. There’s nothing like seeing their work for yourself to help you understand the care they take to produce sustainable, high-quality aromatherapy products.

See the harvest in action

We work with most of our distillers for years and years. When it’s time to find a new source of a particular oil, we start by researching the culture and customs of the areas where the plant grows best. For example, pesticides are not available in Indonesia, so we can feel confident knowing that plants will be grown there without the use of chemicals. Once we find a potential distiller, we ask them questions about their growing practices to get a sense of their connection to the process and level of experience. Whenever possible, we visit their fields in person as a final step. Seeing the plants and the finished product with our own eyes helps us ensure sustainability and quality. GC/MS testing backs up the process by letting us know exactly what is in each product we offer. We make the reports available to customers on our website so that they can see the details for themselves.

Small-scale harvest and distillation

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