Exhilarating and fulfilling are some of the emotions I had while experiencing my first lavender harvest and distillation. With each plant already in full bloom, we hit the field with special serrated lavender sickles and gloves. After learning from the professionals how to properly cut the lavender, we began the work of harvesting the many varieties, each with their own unique therapeutic qualities and aroma. The experience was especially meaningful and fun because it was a three-generation family affair. Family from all over the U.S. had come to experience this wonder of nature.

Montana Lavender

When enough plant material had been cut, we headed back to the still where this precious lavender would give up its rich harvest of hydrosol and oil. Once the lavender blossoms were emptied into the distillation tank and the right amount of water was added, the gas was lit and the anticipation began.

What fun it was to see the first drops of that precious oil to fill the beaker and then the gallon jugs with hydrosol. The aroma was amazing with high notes, middle notes, and base notes all at various times of the process. The group was very curious about the process and what was produced - a great learning opportunity indeed!

From start to finish, it was a truly magical and beautiful experience. I hope you have the opportunity to experience this process for yourself sometime! Count me in for next year! If you want to experience the distillation with us check out our YouTube video here that documented the whole process!


The lavender hydrosol from this harvest is available at Aromatics International. It has an amazing combination of lavender angustifolia varieties and the aroma is unbelievably smooth, sweet, and relaxing.

I have been enjoying my bottle of hydrosol, reliving the memory of this special harvest experience every time I use it. To get you started using this locally crafted hydrosol that we've handled within our care, here is a quick recipe!

Lavender Hydrosol Recipe

This is a perfect after-sun spray to rehydrate your skin from the harsh effects of the sun, incorporated with our newest home-grown and distilled lavender hydrosol. If you notice that your skin has turned to a slightly pinkish shade or is hot to the touch, we suggest applying this spray to help your skin accelerate the healing process. You'll be surprised how thirsty your skin becomes after 15 minutes in the sun!

August 10, 2020 — Guest Blogger