Get to know ginger oil

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is that gorgeous, deliciously universal spice used in culinary delights across cultures. Whether in food, drink, or used as an essential oil, ginger has a very energetic and warming personality that many of us have come to love and adore!

Ginger Oil (Zingiber officinale)

This perennial herb with reed-like stems thrives in tropical climates with vibrantly colored flowers. Organically crafted ginger essential oil is produced using steam distillation from carefully harvested plant rhizomes. This oil has a gorgeous middle note aromatic profile that is very radiant, warm, and spicy!

Remember those times when you were a child and unfortunate enough to catch a stomach bug? In so many households, ginger ale was or is a staple in making sour tummies feel better. In a similar fashion, ginger essential oil is quite often a go-to in the aromatherapy toolkit when looking to improve digestive issues and ease nausea. Ginger oil helps soothe sore joints and muscles, working to help calm muscle spasms, and encourage warmth and circulation during these colder months. When feeling tired and burnt out, it may assist in making us feel energized and motivated.

Benefit and uses of ginger oil

  • Digest

    Settle queasy feelings with a ginger travel inhaler! Add a few drops of sweet orange oil to balance ginger’s strong scent.
  • Breathe

    Dilute ginger oil in a skin nourishing carrier for a body oil that can help your breath feel open and healthy.
  • Purify

    Get your immunity going and fill the room with spicy, warm scent by adding ginger to your diffuser.

Our favorite ways to use ginger oil

  • In an inhaler
  • In a topical blend
  • In cleaning blends
  • In a diffuser

Ginger essential oil is ideal for inhalation, topical blends, cleaning, and diffusion. Dilute it well in topical blends. Use it for the belly, breath, head, immune support, muscles, joints, circulating energy, warmth, reducing germs, and to feel energized, courageous, and motivated.

When using topically in a blend, make sure you accompany it with skin nourishing oils and carriers as it can cause sensitivity if the dilution is above 1%. For an inhaler, a little goes a long way, so start off with only a drop or two as it can be slightly irritating to the mucous membranes.

Ginger oil recipes

Use these DIY essential oils recipes featuring ginger to get the most out of this amazing oil!

Ginger hydrosol

Ginger Hydrosol (Zingiber officinale)

Sweet and spicy with a hint of lemon, ginger hydrosol will become a new favorite for your belly blends! Ginger’s bold, zesty presence is welcome after big meals, new foods, while traveling, or before giving a nerve-wracking presentation. Ginger inspires steady courage through new or challenging experiences and can stir the body’s energy to bring more warmth, movement, and strident health (even in cold weather).

Benefits and uses of ginger hydrosol

  • Digest

    Drink 1 teaspoon of ginger hydrosol in 12 oz of sparkling water for a fizzy drink to help settle your stomach.
  • Breathe

    Diffuser ginger hydrosol to help open your breath when the seasons change.
  • Purify

    Use a few sprays of ginger hydrosol to refresh and purify your hands when you're out and about.

Our favorite ways to use ginger hydrosol

  • As a room spray
  • To help reduce germs
  • In cleaning blends
  • Increased confidence

Ginger hydrosol is ideal for external and internal use, and for cleaning. Use it for the breath, chest, throat, immune support, the belly, muscles, joints, reducing germs, and for feeling confident and motivated toward your goals.

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