Aromatherapy 101 Kit

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For Students of Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy 101: An Introduction to Essential Oils course

Get everything you need to make most of the blends in your class!

This collection of sustainable, certified organic (or organically grown), or wildcrafted products allows you to make nearly every recipe in the course. As you grow your skills with hands-on practice, you’ll experience the success of your blends, and build your confidence to make your own original recipes.

Focus on your education, assured that when it’s time to make a blend, you won’t have to search for the ingredients. You’ll already have the products you need.

Kit Contents:
This kit contains 9 essential oils (5ml bottles), 4 carriers & body butters, and 5 accessories & blending supplies. Expand the accordions below to see the product specifics.

Note: Unscented lotion is now packaged in a jar with pump.

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Sustainably Sourced
Aromatics International

Included Essential Oils

Your Aromatherapy 101 kit includes 5 ml bottles of 9 essential oils, considered some of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy.

Aromatics International

Included Carriers

Your Aromatherapy 101 kit includes 4 popular essential oil carriers including: Castile soap, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and unscented lotion.

Included Hydrosols

Your Aromatherapy 101 kit does not contain any hydrosols.

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Included Accessories

Your Aromatherapy 101 kit includes 5 popular aromatherapy accessories to help you blend all of the recipes in your course and to protect your blends.