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Eucalyptus Bug Spray Bundle

Defend yourself against unwanted bites and enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest with this all-natural bug spray recipe. Whether you're hiking, backpacking, or camping, this DIY Eucalyptus Bug Spray bundle is a must-have companion. This bundle includes everything you need to formulate an all-natural, essential oil bug spray that will keep pesky insects at bay, and features a 10% bundled discount!Your bundle includes 5 ml bottles of Cedarwood Oil, Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, and Patchouli Oil. It also includes a 100 ml bottle of Peppermint Hydrosol, 1 fl-oz of Solubol (Dispersant), and a FREE 4 fl-oz PET bottle with spray cap, so you can make 3 batches of this spray, to keep you and your family bug free all summer long. Scroll down to watch our How-to Video with Karen.


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Eucalyptus Bug Spray Bundle Eucalyptus Bug Spray Bundle Eucalyptus Bug Spray Bundle
  • Ingredients & Supplies

    • 20 drops Cedarwood Oil

    • 20 drops Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil

    • 20 drops Patchouli Oil

    • 3 fl oz Water

    • 30 mls (1 fl oz) Peppermint Hydrosol

    • 10 mls Solubol (Dispersant)

    • 1 - 4 fl oz PET Bottle w/Spray Cap

  • Directions

    1. Add 1 fl oz of Peppermint Hydrosol to the empty 4 fl oz PET bottle w/spray cap.

    2. Add the essential oils to the hydrosol.

    3. Add 10 mls of Solubol to the hydrosol/oil mixture (roughly “240” drops).

    4. Fill the rest of the bottle with water up to the neck, cap the bottle, and shake to blend thoroughly.

    5. Use throughout the day as needed. Spray often!

    Note: We recommend using 4 drops of Solubol (Dispersant) for every drop of essential oil in your blend, to ensure proper dispersion of the oils into the water based portion of the blend. Shake your bug spray before each application to ensure the oils stay evenly blended. 

    *If you want to increase the bug-fighting capabilities of this blend try including more peppermint hydrosol while reducing the amount of water. This will result in a higher concentration for your spray.

  • Safety Information

    Safety & Dilution: This blend was created at a 3% dilution. We recommend a small patch test to ensure there is no skin sensitivity.

    Kid Safe: Safe for kids 10 and over.

    Pet Safety: N/A

    Shelf Life: This repellent spray should be used w/in 3-6 mo due to the all-natural, preservative-free ingredients.

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Stephanie H.
United States United States

Bugs don’t bite me, now

This is such an effective bundle that all my friends want some, too. Last year, I created a recipe for an insect repellent of my own and honestly, this one is better!. Thank you, Karen!

Emma J.
United States United States

Bug Free

Love the smell and the protection from bugs.

Karen F.
United States United States

Eucalyptus Bug Spray Bundle is a must have!

This spray smells great and works well at keeping bugs and mosquitoes away. I have used it for both country and city outdoor activities. It was easy to make and economical too, a little goes a long way.

Ollie C.
United States United States

Thank you

I love there products and there Kits they are very helpful and easy to make. they explain how they work and help people with all kind of thing with the body and feelings with there diffuser Blends and inhaler blends which are great cause you can take them with you if you on vacation. Thank you again both you and yous daughter

Marisa S.
United States United States

Eucalyptus bug spray bundle

Quick and easy to make and use.