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Norway Pine Oil - Expired

Pinus resinosa

Warm, piney, and woodsy—with a touch of balsamic spice—Norway pine’s aroma calls cozy cabins in the Canadian forest to mind. This oil is refreshing and comforting, helping to stir sluggish energy and restore the body’s strength. Like other conifer oils, Norway pine is a superb supporter of clear, natural breathing, protecting health when the cold season comes around. Our certified organic Norway pine essential oil (also known as red pine) is steam distilled from the needles and twigs of trees in the forests of Eastern Canada.


What to Expect from Expired Oils

• Could be oxidized

• Not to be used in a therapeutic way

• Great for cleaning and passive diffusion blends

• Avoid direct contact with the skin (Pro tip: use gloves when cleaning with expired oils)

• May not be as vibrant (aroma is typically more flat than non-expired oils)

Expired Suggested Uses

Natural Cleaning & Passive Diffusion

Get the most out of each drop of your expired oils by incorporating them into all-natural cleaning blends, and with passive diffusion.

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Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life


Safety & Warnings

Avoid topical application & inhalation blends with expired oils.


At the time of order, this product was verified as being in good condition. These oils are not rancid, and are still available for use, despite passing their expiration date. The stability of the oils may have decreased, which could lead to a quicker degradation once the oil is exposed to air, light, or heat. Please use these oils at your discretion.

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Norway Pine Oil - Expired
Norway Pine Oil - Expired
Norway Pine Oil - Expired
Norway Pine Oil - Expired


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Norway Pine Oil - Expired
  • Cost Savings

    Experience double benefits with expired oils: Save up to 70% when you purchase already expired oils, while maximizing value from your current collection.

  • Environmental Consciousness

    Make an eco-conscious choice with expired oils! Repurpose them to reduce waste & minimize environmental impact by extending their lifespan instead of discarding.

  • Creative Opportunities

    Unleash creativity with expired oils! Use these oils to create all-natural cleaning products and enjoy them with passive diffusion in reed diffusers or as potpourri refreshers.

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