How to Use Essential Oils for Motivation After the Holidays

The holidays are over! Use essential oils to help stay motivated for everyday life with a 3-step approach to sleep, energy...
How to Use Essential Oils for Motivation After the Holidays

Using essential oils for motivation

Going back to work after the holidays can feel like trying to drag yourself off the couch after a big meal of comfort food. You’re relaxed, you feel content, and maybe even a little sluggish.

Who wants to go back to work? It’s tough to find the energy!

Now we have a chance to get back into the swing of life, using essential oils for motivation, energy & sleep. Targeting these three areas will help you to achieve the new goals you have set for yourself this year.

3 Steps to banish the post-holiday haze

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To restore true balance to your schedule, nurture yourself in a holistic way. We suggest a three-tiered approach. It builds your energy from the “ground up,” so you can find the joy in daily life and feel more motivated for work.

3 Steps to daily balance & motivation:

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Wake up with an energy boost
  3. Stay focused & motivated at work

Essential oils can help with each of these points! Let’s take them one at a time so you understand which essential oils to use and how to use essential oils for motivation.

1. Get enough sleep!

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Our first point is a key element in having enough energy to go about your day without feeling tired and sluggish.

Without a good night’s rest, your body won’t have the ability to restore itself to a healthy balance. You’ll be trying to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, looking for some way to boost your energy levels (like coffee, tea, or energy drinks) that probably won’t keep you going for too long. Lack of sleep also affects your mental focus (and even your immunity!)Essential oils can be your go-to when looking to promote feelings of positive energy.

There are a number of essential oils that can help you rest! Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is always a good choice. A number of research studies show that lavender essential oil—and its main components linalool and linalyl acetate—help relax the body and mind.

It’s important to approach sleep from both angles. Of course you want to release muscle tension so your body can rest. But if your mind is spinning with worries or negative thinking, it’ll keep you awake or make for a restless night! Lavender is your ally for both types of relaxation.

A few other oils that can help you drift off to dreamland are: 

If you want a ready-made blend to help you rest, try our bestseller Catching Zzz’s! It includes all of the essential oils for sleep mentioned above in a single, professionally crafted blend, so you don’t have to get them all individually. Our customer Michele C. said, “Amazing! I diffuse at night and finally sleep all the way through till morning.”

DIY Essential oil recipes for sleep

2. Wake up with more energy!

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Even if you get enough sleep, getting out of bed can be tough—especially after the holidays, when the days are still long, dark, and cold (in many parts of the world), and you might just want to stay snuggled in bed rather than get up and go to work.

Turn to essential oils to stimulate the senses and perk yourself up in the morning!

Citrus oils are famous for their energizing, positive mood-boosting presence. According to research, a big reason they’re so effective is . . . (drumroll please!) . . . because they smell good!

That’s right—citruses have such a beautiful aroma that people tend to love so much, it actually changes our mood! The bright, sparkly aromas of orange (sweet) essential oil (Citrus sinensis) and grapefruit essential oil (Citrus paradisi), and the sweet tangy scent of lemon essential oil (Citrus limon), call to mind pieces of freshly sliced fruit, summer, and warm weather. Just opening a bottle of lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia) and taking a deep breath can bring a smile to your face! This is a hallmark of aromatherapy: scent has a strong impact, affecting our minds and emotions so powerfully, it can literally change our mood.

The benefits of scent is a key tenet of aromachology (the study of how scent affects our behaviors and emotions).

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It’s important to approach sleep from both angles. Of course you want to release muscle tension so your body can rest. But if your mind is spinning with worries or negative thinking, it’ll keep you awake or make for a restless night! Lavender is your ally for both types of relaxation.

Other essential oils can help by circulating your body’s energy, sparking the positive thinking and emotional fortitude to take on your day! Spike lavender essential oil (Lavandula latifolia) and rosemary ct camphor essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis ct camphor/Salvia rosmarinus) are great examples. They can even clear your head of sleepiness and “brain fog,” so you’re more mentally sharp.

Get a tried-and-true blend for revving up your energy in the morning—or anytime you need it! Ignite is our ready-made blend that combines mood-boosting oils like rosemary essential oil and peppermint essential oil with those that stir energy and confidence like grapefruit essential oil, leaving you ready to embrace your day. Our customer Katherine K. said, “I love this blend, not only does it smell wonderful, but it really does boost my mental outlook and motivation.”

DIY Essential oil recipes for energy

3. Stay focused with essential oils!

Once you’re wide-eyed and bushy tailed, keep your motivation going while you’re at work with essential oils to increase focus and mental clarity.

Using essential oils for focus is about getting a fresh flow of energy to your head so you feel clear and mentally alert. It’s a great way to usher out mental fog, and to stay productive so you complete projects with more skill and efficiency.

Cardamom essential oil (Eletteria cardamomum) and peppermint essential oil (Mentha x piperita) are a few classic essential oils for staying motivated. They have crisp, fresh scents that clear your head—whether you’re dealing with distractions or a more physical blockage, like the sniffles. The result is sharper cognition and productivity! These oils even tend to get more energy flowing to your head itself, and are often used for scalp massage to soothe achy heads. If you work from home, there are a number of ways you can avoid distractions, boost motivation, and stay productive with essential oils!

Try one of the recipes below to use essential oils for motivation, or get a ready-made blend crafted by our team of Certified Aromatherapists! Focus includes cardamom essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and two other essential oils to keep you motivated and on task. Bernadette R. tried it and said, “This is one of my very favorite blends! I immediately felt a mind clearing and alertness. I use this oil daily to keep me focused and in the moment.”

DIY Essential oil recipes for motivation

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